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Whole30 Chicken One Pan Meal

When you are trying to make it through the last days of Whole30, you seem desperate for an easy meal that taste delicious and different. This Whole Chicken recipe makes the juiciest chicken, and the flavors are SO savory! While it is easy, I slow bake this chicken, so make sure you allow enough time… Continue reading Whole30 Chicken One Pan Meal

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Banana Kefir Treat

I licked the spoon and I will never turn back! My kids get a kefir treat daily, but this banana one was so good that I ate half the batch. The chia seeds give it a whipped, fluffy consistency and the banana-coconut flavor combo is out of this world! Make a batch and see if… Continue reading Banana Kefir Treat

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Dairy-Free Jalapeño Popper Recipe

For the second year in a row, the only truly successful plant in our Garden is the peppers. One of my favorite appetizers are jalapeño poppers, but you don't even want to know how many grams of fat and calories are in my old recipe. It's time for something new, so I tested and approved… Continue reading Dairy-Free Jalapeño Popper Recipe


Grandma Viv’s Potato Soup

Let me just start by saying my Grandma Viv makes THE best soups.My two favorites are her Turkey-Noodle Soup (that she makes using turkeys fresh from the woods, that we hunted together) and her POTATO SOUP! A recent hospital visit scared me, not just for the health of my grandma, but the fact that she gave… Continue reading Grandma Viv’s Potato Soup



Let me just say I feel like I hit the jackpot when I realized you could put HERBS in your salad! My parents were in town and helped me install 3 raised-bed gardens, plus two pallets worth of herbs and veggies! I had no idea what to do with all those herbs, but my mom… Continue reading Dill+Thyme+Mesclun

Infused Water

Blackberry-Sage Infused Water

It's Tasty Tuesday! Here at Anytime Fitness Kempsville, I threw together this concoction: 2 Gallons water + Ice + Handful Sage + 24 oz Blackberries or for a signal serving, try 1 sprig Sage, 5 Blackberries, top with water and ice. The key to this one...Start by putting sage in the jug or your cup,… Continue reading Blackberry-Sage Infused Water


Healthy Mexican Bowl

One of my favorite recipes is a Mexican bowl! You can load yours up with your favorite vegetables and proteins. With limited cheese and by eliminating the tortilla or chips, this is definitely my go-to for healthy mexican. 💃🏻💃🏻 1.5 pounds chicken breast 1 packet taco seasoning Red hot (to taste) 2-3 cups lettuce 1.5… Continue reading Healthy Mexican Bowl