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Upper Body with Shoulder Burnout

There's something about hand-on-the-hip posing for Summer Bikini Pictures that makes women want to tone those arms! I've let you in on the secret is not so much about those curls and triceps extensions as it is about those SHOULDERS. I'm trying to shake the idea that lifting heavy bulks you up, because as… Continue reading Upper Body with Shoulder Burnout

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Cable Series for Your Buns, Hun!

Leg day with squats and your standard lower body machines can seem pretty monotonous. Switch it up with this 3-part cable series that tones your buns, hun! I know your gym has a cable machine, but do they have the ankle straps? If not, you can pick your own up here, and they are totally… Continue reading Cable Series for Your Buns, Hun!

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My Favorite Ab Workout, Upgraded!

After doing the same 5 minute Abdominal Workout with optimal results (that I featured here), I figured there has to be a sequel! The reason I loved the original workout was because it targeted all areas of the abdominals (upper, lower and obliques), it included 10 simple exercises and it could be done in 5… Continue reading My Favorite Ab Workout, Upgraded!

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Kardashian Jumps? A Leg Workout with Power

I'm not saying it's how they got their big butts, but I have seen this move in many of their episodes with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson. That's why I include "Kardashian Jumps" in a lot of my leg day workouts. The truth behind the move is heavy lifting combined with cardio bursts helps to burn… Continue reading Kardashian Jumps? A Leg Workout with Power


Gliders for Leg Day

You know those super handy sliders you use to move furniture around your house? They are also super handy for leg day! I used them today to help incorporate some abs and cardio bursts with some heavy machine weights and deep ROM movements. Exercises: TRX Lunge - step backwards and alternate legs. This is part… Continue reading Gliders for Leg Day

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My Favorite Ab Workout!

  Literally, I've done this Ab workout since high school. It's my favorite because you only do 10 of each exercise, it takes less than five minutes, can be done daily, hits all abs (upper, lower and obliques)! Perform 10 of each: Crunches Right crunches Left crunches Tabletop crunches Reach for toes Leg raise Knee… Continue reading My Favorite Ab Workout!

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Ab Circuit: Band + Ball + Bar + Barbel

This is an Ab workout you won't want to miss! It's a little longer than my normal workouts, should take about 35-45 minutes. I used four modalities to create the ultimate abdominal circuit to hit your midsection from all different angles. At your gym, Find the resistance bands, stability Ball, pull-up bar, and small barbels… Continue reading Ab Circuit: Band + Ball + Bar + Barbel

Infused Water

Blackberry-Sage Infused Water

It's Tasty Tuesday! Here at Anytime Fitness Kempsville, I threw together this concoction: 2 Gallons water + Ice + Handful Sage + 24 oz Blackberries or for a signal serving, try 1 sprig Sage, 5 Blackberries, top with water and ice. The key to this one...Start by putting sage in the jug or your cup,… Continue reading Blackberry-Sage Infused Water