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Animal 3-Part Cards by Continent, Expanded

I was so inspired when I saw the craftsmanship, thought and effort that went into Stephanie's Felt World Map post on her blog, Imagine Our Life. Literally, I was in awe of it. By the grace of God, I was able to use her tutorial and create one for our own playroom. One thing I… Continue reading Animal 3-Part Cards by Continent, Expanded

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Whole30 Chicken One Pan Meal

When you are trying to make it through the last days of Whole30, you seem desperate for an easy meal that taste delicious and different. This Whole Chicken recipe makes the juiciest chicken, and the flavors are SO savory! While it is easy, I slow bake this chicken, so make sure you allow enough time… Continue reading Whole30 Chicken One Pan Meal

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Arms So Fresh Circuit

In my line of work, I have the unique opportunity to rub elbows with a variety of trainers from all different backgrounds, experiences, and certifications. I surround myself with coworkers who push me to be a better trainer and love making a difference in someone's life. Every trainer brings their own unique style to the… Continue reading Arms So Fresh Circuit

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My Favorite Ab Workout, Upgraded!

After doing the same 5 minute Abdominal Workout with optimal results (that I featured here), I figured there has to be a sequel! The reason I loved the original workout was because it targeted all areas of the abdominals (upper, lower and obliques), it included 10 simple exercises and it could be done in 5… Continue reading My Favorite Ab Workout, Upgraded!

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Not-So-Heavy Leg Day

For those days when you are sick of heavy squats and are craving a bodyweight based leg day, this is the one. Quick, but it still causes a burn! If you are really craving a deep burn, try adding two sets of 10 heavy deadlifts between each circuit!! As pictured, complete each circuit group twice… Continue reading Not-So-Heavy Leg Day

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Tone it Up Arms!

Hello ladies!! Did you know you can lift weights and not look like a bodybuilder? Well that's not entirely true. I mean, if you are watching your macros, spending 3 hours a day in the gym six days a week, and planning your supplement schedule, then yes, maybe you will earn the body of a… Continue reading Tone it Up Arms!

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Why I’ll Never Get My Pre-Baby Body Back

I was 5 months post-partum and we were home visiting family on Christmas Vacation. After a fun, drunken night reminiscing with friends, my husband admitted to me that when we first met "my body was on point." I thought back to that time just 3 years prior... a time when I ran collegiate cross country,… Continue reading Why I’ll Never Get My Pre-Baby Body Back