Lower Ab Circuit for Momma’s

I had a special request from a fellow momma for some lower ab exercises. Whether a natural birth or a c-section, it's safe to say our abs need some serious rehab. And when people say pregnancy changes your body, it truly does. A lot of changes happen at one time, yet some take years to… Continue reading Lower Ab Circuit for Momma’s

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My Mom’s (Date) Balls: A Recipe to Conquer that Sweet Tooth

A recipe for my mom's (date) balls... The Whole30 diet is great and all, but damn it if I don't still crave something sweet after dinner. And bananas or berries get old REAL fast. Dates are my secret weapon, but not by themselves because seriously the texture is just EW and having to pick a… Continue reading My Mom’s (Date) Balls: A Recipe to Conquer that Sweet Tooth


Back Workout with Deadlifts

My client has been dying to do a workout that targets the back, specifically that area right behind your arms, directly under your shoulders. If you don't know what she's talking about, you're probably not a woman who needs to wear a bra. Here's a back workout we did, starting with warming up our lats,… Continue reading Back Workout with Deadlifts


The BEST Spaghetti Recipe Ever – Using Spaghetti Squash

I LOVE using spaghetti squash in leiu of noodles for Spaghetti! It has nearly all the essential vitamins and minerals and has fewer calories than most other winter squash varieties, making it a great substitution for man-made noodles. It is also a great source of fiber and does not have the same mushy consistency as… Continue reading The BEST Spaghetti Recipe Ever – Using Spaghetti Squash


Making the BEST Fitness Goals for You

Everyone starts the new year with a bang of motivation. Whether you have family, financial or fitness goals, we all feel this sense of urgency to be the best version of us. Here are some tips to help you set the best fitness goal for you! Step one: consider your health history. Do you have… Continue reading Making the BEST Fitness Goals for You

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Green Bean + Carrot + Kiwi Home-Made Squeezable Pouches

I had a great morning garage saling! One of the best buys was a "Freshly Squeezed" System intended to fill pouches with homemade goodness! The deal included a small food processor, pouch loading device, and 100 pouches, all for only $25!! The first recipe I tried in the pouches is as follows: 3 oz of Breast… Continue reading Green Bean + Carrot + Kiwi Home-Made Squeezable Pouches


Ginger-Apple-Lemon Infused Water

For this week's Tasty Tuesday at my gym, we sampled some Ginger-Apple-Lemon infused water! There were mixed reviews...same hated it, saying the ginger needed a sweeter compliment or that it tasted "earthy." However, most members loved it and said it was the best they ever tasted in the realm of infused waters! I guess it… Continue reading Ginger-Apple-Lemon Infused Water