Cambri’s Adventures: A YouTube Channel You Don’t Want To Miss!

I have shared Cambri's videos countless times, and we always get feedback about how she would make such a great vlogger or YouTuber! Plus, Cambri has been asking about having her own YouTube channel for years. What better time to start one than during Quarantine?? Cambri has big plans about sharing her morning routines, bedtime… Continue reading Cambri’s Adventures: A YouTube Channel You Don’t Want To Miss!


Non-Traditional Family Video Songs

Have you seen our most recent Vlog? I am slightly obsessed with capturing special moments in our lives on tape (can you even really say that anymore) and putting them together in video blogs to remember forever. The hardest part for me is choosing background music. Sample tracks without words on iMovie work okay some… Continue reading Non-Traditional Family Video Songs

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West Neck Creek Natural Area Family Hike

The coolest, closest, local hike. I had no idea this hidden gem was right down the road from us! Trail Conditions Location: 2249 N. Landing Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23456. Beware...Apple maps took us to the wrong location. The trail entrance is close to the intersection of Princess Anne Road at N. Landing Road right… Continue reading West Neck Creek Natural Area Family Hike


Launstein Family Easter 2020

Celebrating Easter alone was just another holiday for us military folks! Even though we were quarantined, it was still super special, complete with church on YouTube. It was a great message on being ENOUGH. Check it out here: https://youtu.be/R_bBi8njT4g I swear bringing joy to the kiddos is THE best part of any holiday we celebrate.… Continue reading Launstein Family Easter 2020

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Chloe’s “Beards or Bows” Gender Reveal

"I took a test and I guess I'm pregnant." You can imagine the surprise we had when Chloe shared this bit of information. I was already 3 months pregnant with our third baby that we planned. Chloe is my sister-in-law who lives with us, so you could probably say there is something in the water… Continue reading Chloe’s “Beards or Bows” Gender Reveal

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9 Books to Read Before Baby Arrives

Are you pregnant and have no idea what to expect? Your first appointment with a doctor may be months away, but luckily there are lots of options at your local library (or even on that Hoopla app). This may be my third pregnancy, but I recognize I am no expert and there is still so… Continue reading 9 Books to Read Before Baby Arrives


Bosu Body: 4/8/19 Workout of the Week

I've been craving a sweaty circuit that is challenging! That is why I love the Bosu Ball! "Bosu" stand for Both Sides Up because it can be used both ways.  Both sides challenge our body's ability to stabilize, recruiting muscles from the entire body even during traditional "targeted" movements. I incorporate the Bosu here with… Continue reading Bosu Body: 4/8/19 Workout of the Week

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Dumbbell Only Chest: 3/25/19 Workout of the Week

Try this simple chest routine with just a bench and dumbbells. This had my pecs sore for at least two days, but probably because chest is just one of those muscle groups that I do not like to work. For me, it's boring. To get myself motivated, I incorporated some new, challenging moves. Not only… Continue reading Dumbbell Only Chest: 3/25/19 Workout of the Week

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Africa Continent Box with Free 3-Part Card Printables

Here we go on our continual quest to learn about the world! This has been one of my favorite subjects to teach, mostly because I am learning so much about culture right along with my kids. Africa was where humanity all began, and so it was the next stop on our "tour." I learned about… Continue reading Africa Continent Box with Free 3-Part Card Printables

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The Grandmas Take Virginia Beach

Life in the military is not always easy. One of the hardest parts of Military Life is living so far away from family. Our kids grow up knowing their family only because we are constantly calling, Face-timing, watching home videos or sharing their pictures decorated around the house. We are very lucky that our family… Continue reading The Grandmas Take Virginia Beach