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What I Want You To Know About Carbs

Check out the video below, or read it all's everything I want my clients to know about carbohydrates. Fun Fact: Veggies and Fruits are carbs. So when someone says they are on a low carb diet and eat nothing but veggies and fruits, that doesn't really make sense (and it's a huge pet peeve… Continue reading What I Want You To Know About Carbs

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The Vitamins I Take During Pregnancy

As soon as Matt gave me the go ahead on trying, I started preparing my body for Pregnancy. While most doctors recommend a prenatal for all women of child-bearing age, our bodies require significant amounts of nutrients to grow little brains. I read a lot from Dave and Lana Asprey's book, The Better Baby Book,… Continue reading The Vitamins I Take During Pregnancy

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Knocked Up Smoothie

The name is enough to say it all...but I didn't come up with it. In preparation for Baby #3, I have been doing LOTS of reading. This being the first baby we planned for, I have really put my best foot forward when it comes to nutrition and preparation. I stumbled across a great book… Continue reading Knocked Up Smoothie

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Blood Building Juice for Pregnancy

Would you drink a blood builder juice that contains beets? That's a question I posed to myself while reading The Mindful Mom-to-be by Lori Bregman. This renowned Doula shares all her best pregnancy advice, including lots of recipes to grow the healthiest baby and keep your body strong and prepared for labor. Neither her or… Continue reading Blood Building Juice for Pregnancy

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Healthy Fats Breakfast Smoothie

If you take anything away from this post, it should be that healthy fats promote brain function (ie. memory, brain development, cognitive ability...). Our society has become overwhelmed with bad fat sources and have since given all fats a bad name that they simply do not deserve. Recent studies have proven that saturated fats are… Continue reading Healthy Fats Breakfast Smoothie

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Parmesan + Panko Crusted Perch

Parmesan and Panko get me every time. So when I had the hankering for some seafood and saw the Ocean Perch filets at the commissary, I knew I had to make it happen. Here's one of my favorite recipes for amping up your baked fish. Ingredients:4 Perch Filets (approx. 1 lb) 1/2 Cup Panko Breadcrumbs… Continue reading Parmesan + Panko Crusted Perch

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Whole30 Chicken One Pan Meal

When you are trying to make it through the last days of Whole30, you seem desperate for an easy meal that taste delicious and different. This Whole Chicken recipe makes the juiciest chicken, and the flavors are SO savory! While it is easy, I slow bake this chicken, so make sure you allow enough time… Continue reading Whole30 Chicken One Pan Meal