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Michigan Vacation – Week One

Our longest trip to Michigan yet and this one is definitely full of adventure! We’re only in week one of our “escape” and we have already hit a lot of great Michigan Must sees! Scroll to the bottom to see the Vlog!!! Just the kids and I took off from our home in Virginia Beach… Continue reading Michigan Vacation – Week One

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Post-Corona Quarantine Birthday Party

Now that restrictions are lifting in our state, we couldn’t wait to get together with all of our friends!! Cambri’s birthday is still two weeks away, but we’re heading to Michigan and wanted to see all of our friends before we left. Here’s the details of our Post-Corona Birthday Party! Details At the entry, we… Continue reading Post-Corona Quarantine Birthday Party

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Grandmas get Baby Snuggles TIMES TWO!!

They may be the luckiest grandmas out there!!! When baby Madeline was born in May, she joined her big cousin Roelyn who is only 2.5 months older than her!! And we all live together: Matt, Amber, Cambri, Porter, Roelyn, Chloe and Madeline. Grandma Roxanne and Great Grandma Penelope Drive from Michigan to Virginia Beach to… Continue reading Grandmas get Baby Snuggles TIMES TWO!!

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Grandma Penelope Meets Roelyn Penelope

Before all this coronavirus craziness really began, we were lucky enough to have some special visitors! Matt's Grand Aunt Rebecca arranged for a sister trip to Virginia Beach for her and Matt's Grandma Penelope to meet our new baby. At the time the trip was booked, they didn't know the baby would be named after… Continue reading Grandma Penelope Meets Roelyn Penelope

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I Gave Birth in the Car: Baby Launstein is Here!

We were speeding through the tunnel when I reached between my legs and could feel the baby's head emerging. I literally grabbed the "oh shit" handle and Matt made it to the emergency room doors just in time for me to deliver the baby in the car in the parking lot. Before Labor I had… Continue reading I Gave Birth in the Car: Baby Launstein is Here!

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Chloe’s “Beards or Bows” Gender Reveal

"I took a test and I guess I'm pregnant." You can imagine the surprise we had when Chloe shared this bit of information. I was already 3 months pregnant with our third baby that we planned. Chloe is my sister-in-law who lives with us, so you could probably say there is something in the water… Continue reading Chloe’s “Beards or Bows” Gender Reveal

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Making Memories: The YES Challenge

If you have not been on YouTube lately, you might have missed the multiple "Yes Challenge" videos. My kids are obsessed, and after a week of a new bedtime routine and good behavior, we decided to partake. This day and age, it is especially important to make positive family memories with your kids, but we… Continue reading Making Memories: The YES Challenge

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Our Christmas 2019 Vlog

The holidays are best spent with family and friends, remembering the reason for the season and seeing the joy on our little ones' faces! We were so blessed with what seemed like a never-ending Christmas season, complete with a visit from Matt's Family from Michigan (Mom Roxanne, Stepdad Adam, Grandma Penelope, and Uncle Christopher). While… Continue reading Our Christmas 2019 Vlog

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Our Carolina Thanksgiving

Let it be known that after throwing up while driving to our big July family vacation, I told my husband we would not be traveling anymore while I was pregnant. We were going to spend the holidays laying low at our home in Virginia Beach, and are expecting family to visit us for Christmas before… Continue reading Our Carolina Thanksgiving

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A Very Special Announcement From Our Family

Before we got married, Matt and I both agreed we wanted three kids. When we got married, we were "surprised" when our natural family planning recommended by the Catholic Church didn't work. We had dated long distance for three years and were finally living together, getting to know each other on a whole different level… Continue reading A Very Special Announcement From Our Family