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Our Carolina Thanksgiving

Let it be known that after throwing up while driving to our big July family vacation, I told my husband we would not be traveling anymore while I was pregnant. We were going to spend the holidays laying low at our home in Virginia Beach, and are expecting family to visit us for Christmas before… Continue reading Our Carolina Thanksgiving

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Pregnancy Workout Plans Black Friday Sale

What fun is Black Friday without a good deal? I recently launched my First and Second Trimester Programs for pregnant clients... and it wasn't enough. Since each pregnancy is different, I decided to offer a more flexible option. The Custom Pregnancy Plan now listed on my website is available at the same rate, but allows… Continue reading Pregnancy Workout Plans Black Friday Sale

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First Trimester Workout Program: Pregnancy Weeks 4-12

Congratulations, you are having a baby! But now you are researching everything from what not to eat, how your body will be changing, and finding out your first appointment with a doctor probably won't even be until you are 8 weeks along! This stage of life comes with lots of excitement and lots of uncertainty.… Continue reading First Trimester Workout Program: Pregnancy Weeks 4-12

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9 Books to Read Before Baby Arrives

Are you pregnant and have no idea what to expect? Your first appointment with a doctor may be months away, but luckily there are lots of options at your local library (or even on that Hoopla app). This may be my third pregnancy, but I recognize I am no expert and there is still so… Continue reading 9 Books to Read Before Baby Arrives

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Knocked Up Smoothie

The name is enough to say it all...but I didn't come up with it. In preparation for Baby #3, I have been doing LOTS of reading. This being the first baby we planned for, I have really put my best foot forward when it comes to nutrition and preparation. I stumbled across a great book… Continue reading Knocked Up Smoothie

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Blood Building Juice for Pregnancy

Would you drink a blood builder juice that contains beets? That's a question I posed to myself while reading The Mindful Mom-to-be by Lori Bregman. This renowned Doula shares all her best pregnancy advice, including lots of recipes to grow the healthiest baby and keep your body strong and prepared for labor. Neither her or… Continue reading Blood Building Juice for Pregnancy

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A Very Special Announcement From Our Family

Before we got married, Matt and I both agreed we wanted three kids. When we got married, we were "surprised" when our natural family planning recommended by the Catholic Church didn't work. We had dated long distance for three years and were finally living together, getting to know each other on a whole different level… Continue reading A Very Special Announcement From Our Family