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The Vitamins I Take During Pregnancy

As soon as Matt gave me the go ahead on trying, I started preparing my body for Pregnancy. While most doctors recommend a prenatal for all women of child-bearing age, our bodies require significant amounts of nutrients to grow little brains. I read a lot from Dave and Lana Asprey's book, The Better Baby Book,… Continue reading The Vitamins I Take During Pregnancy

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Activated Charcoal During Pregnancy

Would you drink black water? I first read about the benefits of Activated Charcoal in the book, "The Better Baby Book" by Dave and Lana Asprey. The main takeaway about activated charcoal was that this  black powder stops the absorption of heavy metals in your body, which can cause a plethora of DNA changes in… Continue reading Activated Charcoal During Pregnancy

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50 Stocking Stuffers Your Kids Will Freak Out Over!

A sock full of goodies?! Stockings were by far my favorite part of Christmas as a kid, and as an adult I might go a little overboard for my own. Just like my mom, I mean Santa, did, we ditch the stocking all together and just stuff a bag full of all these fun trinkets.… Continue reading 50 Stocking Stuffers Your Kids Will Freak Out Over!

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40 Gift Ideas for your Fitness Friend

Gifting for a fitness friend can be somewhat tricky. They already have a gym membership and usually prefer a certain type of shoe or workout gear. As a personal trainer, not only do I love working out, but I have worked with all kinds of gym "rats." Here's an unconventional list of gift ideas that… Continue reading 40 Gift Ideas for your Fitness Friend

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How to Engage Your Pelvic Floor in Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, you have probably already heard or read a lot the importance of your pelvic floor, but how exactly can you improve those muscles? Be sure to check out the video at the end of this post! What are the "Pelvic Floor Muscles?" Your pelvic floor muscles run from your pubic bone… Continue reading How to Engage Your Pelvic Floor in Pregnancy

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Our Carolina Thanksgiving

Let it be known that after throwing up while driving to our big July family vacation, I told my husband we would not be traveling anymore while I was pregnant. We were going to spend the holidays laying low at our home in Virginia Beach, and are expecting family to visit us for Christmas before… Continue reading Our Carolina Thanksgiving

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Pregnancy Workout Plans Black Friday Sale

What fun is Black Friday without a good deal? I recently launched my First and Second Trimester Programs for pregnant clients... and it wasn't enough. Since each pregnancy is different, I decided to offer a more flexible option. The Custom Pregnancy Plan now listed on my website is available at the same rate, but allows… Continue reading Pregnancy Workout Plans Black Friday Sale