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Quarantine Project: Cambri’s Bedroom Redo!

A new hairdo, four lost teeth and a new YouTube channel, Cambri felt like it was time for a new room, too. I can’t blame the girl. Her old layout was cramped and not visually appealing. It wasn’t the type of room you just wanted to hang out in. To maximize the space, we got… Continue reading Quarantine Project: Cambri’s Bedroom Redo!

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Balanced and Barefoot Book Review

I wanted to start by sharing that I used to absolutely hate reading. The only reading since I graduated high school were my had-to-read college textbooks and a pregnancy book when I was pregnant with Cambri. I was inspired when talking to my friend, Maria (@MillenialFashionista). Our talks are in part what inspired my online… Continue reading Balanced and Barefoot Book Review

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Making Memories: The YES Challenge

If you have not been on YouTube lately, you might have missed the multiple "Yes Challenge" videos. My kids are obsessed, and after a week of a new bedtime routine and good behavior, we decided to partake. This day and age, it is especially important to make positive family memories with your kids, but we… Continue reading Making Memories: The YES Challenge

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50 Stocking Stuffers Your Kids Will Freak Out Over!

A sock full of goodies?! Stockings were by far my favorite part of Christmas as a kid, and as an adult I might go a little overboard for my own. Just like my mom, I mean Santa, did, we ditch the stocking all together and just stuff a bag full of all these fun trinkets.… Continue reading 50 Stocking Stuffers Your Kids Will Freak Out Over!

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A Very Special Announcement From Our Family

Before we got married, Matt and I both agreed we wanted three kids. When we got married, we were "surprised" when our natural family planning recommended by the Catholic Church didn't work. We had dated long distance for three years and were finally living together, getting to know each other on a whole different level… Continue reading A Very Special Announcement From Our Family

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51 Outdoor Activities for Your Toddler in Hampton Roads

I recently came across an article that recommends 4-6 hours of unrestricted outdoor play for kids. While we already make outdoor time a priority in our house, I had no idea of the physical evidence behind the simple act. I started reading "Balanced and Barefoot" by Angela J. Hanscom and found myself with a wealth… Continue reading 51 Outdoor Activities for Your Toddler in Hampton Roads