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DIY Wood Play Gym for Baby

If you've been checking out nursery decor on Instagram, I'm sure you've come across these super cute and trendy activity gyms for baby!! Wooden play gyms seem to be all the rage because they fit a neutral color scheme, are more durable, and better for the environment. But search the simple gym on Amazon or… Continue reading DIY Wood Play Gym for Baby

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DIY Stars and Moon Baby Mobile

I'm designing a gender-neutral nursery for my baby due in February and it is actually really hard. Lots of baby stuff is pink or blue, or quotes like "she will move mountains." I became inspired by the Coldplay song lyrics in Yellow "Look at the stars, look how they shine for you and everything you… Continue reading DIY Stars and Moon Baby Mobile


DIY Wood Pergola

When we told people we would be making a pergola together, the most common reaction was "I hope your marriage lasts." Ironically, this was our anniversary gift to each other. We just celebrated our five year anniversary, the year of wood, and our kids were out of town, so it was a great idea, right?!… Continue reading DIY Wood Pergola

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DIY Daily Shower Spray

I'm one of those people who hates cleaning the shower. Wait, aren't we all those people?! I was searching for an all natural shower spray that I could use daily to help reduce the soap scum buildup and prolong my shower's every-6-months deep cleaning. Here's the recipe I used to make my own (and it… Continue reading DIY Daily Shower Spray

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Elephant String Art

My beautiful sister Anna is expecting a baby in May!! We are so excited for yet another girl to join the Kassuba gain. Finnley Elsie, Elsie being our Grandma Viv's middle name. There is just something the gets me about a unique first name and a family middle name (hence Cambri Joan and Porter Lee).… Continue reading Elephant String Art

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DIY Alphabet Banner

I have an Instagram crush on @lindseyrenek because she's a simple, yet super involved mommy of two adorable kids with quirky names (that I love) and has such a unique style...both in clothes and interior design. I totally fell in love with a recent pic she shared of her new playroom and had some major… Continue reading DIY Alphabet Banner

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Easy Animal Valentine’s Day Crafts for Toddlers

There's just something so special about sending off a homemade valentine!! Let's face it, Grandma and Grandpa's love nothing more than their grandkids, so these are sure to hang on the fridge all year! I pre cut all the hearts and lines, wrote on the hearts before hand, and packaged up in ziploc bags with… Continue reading Easy Animal Valentine’s Day Crafts for Toddlers

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Bath Bombs from your cupboard!

My little one is obsessed with Bath Bombs but I almost threw up when I found out a bag of Troll Bath Bombs from Kohl's cost $16!! There had to be another solution... I found this amazing Momma with a recipe that used stuff I already had, so it was perfect to make on a… Continue reading Bath Bombs from your cupboard!


Birthday Boards

Such a great Christmas gift, right?? Well, I hope my grandma thinks so!! The hard thing about shopping for grandparents is that they already have every thing. I decided to make these because recently we have had a lot of babies, anniversaries and babies in the way!! I got most of my supplies from… Continue reading Birthday Boards