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Our Favorite Baby Books

One of Cambri's favorite parts about being a big sister again is our new bedtime routine. She reads Roelyn and me a story. Then she gets all the baby snuggles and back scratches while I read them a story. Then she gives Roelyn a kiss and drifts off to sleep. It's so sweet! Baby books… Continue reading Our Favorite Baby Books

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Balanced and Barefoot Book Review

I wanted to start by sharing that I used to absolutely hate reading. The only reading since I graduated high school were my had-to-read college textbooks and a pregnancy book when I was pregnant with Cambri. I was inspired when talking to my friend, Maria (@MillenialFashionista). Our talks are in part what inspired my online… Continue reading Balanced and Barefoot Book Review

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A Recap of My 2019 Book List (The New Year’s Resolution I Actually Kept)

In January of last year, I made a New Year's Resolution that I actually stuck to! My goal was to read at least two books a month. Now I read many books daily to my kids, but I wanted to actually start reading for myself: Fueling my drive for knowledge, bettering myself as a parent,… Continue reading A Recap of My 2019 Book List (The New Year’s Resolution I Actually Kept)

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9 Books to Read Before Baby Arrives

Are you pregnant and have no idea what to expect? Your first appointment with a doctor may be months away, but luckily there are lots of options at your local library (or even on that Hoopla app). This may be my third pregnancy, but I recognize I am no expert and there is still so… Continue reading 9 Books to Read Before Baby Arrives