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50+ Birth Affirmations I Used Through Pregnancy + Childbirth

It was just another session with my counselor, and I had a break through. You see, my whole life I have struggled with the thought that I am not good enough. Something happened in my mid-20's, though I'm not quite sure what it was, that changed that perspective. I realized I was good enough, and… Continue reading 50+ Birth Affirmations I Used Through Pregnancy + Childbirth

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Products You Will Actually Use in the Fourth Trimester

Perfectly curated baby registries mean nothing if the products don't actually work or are a waste of time, space and money. As a third time mom, while I am no expert, I have a pretty good idea of the best tools out there to make mama's life easier! Now that we have made it through… Continue reading Products You Will Actually Use in the Fourth Trimester

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Grandmas get Baby Snuggles TIMES TWO!!

They may be the luckiest grandmas out there!!! When baby Madeline was born in May, she joined her big cousin Roelyn who is only 2.5 months older than her!! And we all live together: Matt, Amber, Cambri, Porter, Roelyn, Chloe and Madeline. Grandma Roxanne and Great Grandma Penelope Drive from Michigan to Virginia Beach to… Continue reading Grandmas get Baby Snuggles TIMES TWO!!

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Roelyn Three-Month-Old Update

Roelyn is three months old and growing before our eyes!! Surprisingly, time during quarantine is flying by. Family Favorites Our favorite things about Roelyn this month: Porter likes when she digs in his shirt. Cambri likes when she smiles and laughs. Mom's favorite thing is talking with Roelyn and seeing her smile back. Even when… Continue reading Roelyn Three-Month-Old Update

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Our Favorite Baby Books

One of Cambri's favorite parts about being a big sister again is our new bedtime routine. She reads Roelyn and me a story. Then she gets all the baby snuggles and back scratches while I read them a story. Then she gives Roelyn a kiss and drifts off to sleep. It's so sweet! Baby books… Continue reading Our Favorite Baby Books

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Roelyn Two-Month-Old Update

I feel cheated. This postpartum journey is not at all what I imagined. No one in their worst dreams imagined the effects of Covid-19 across the world. In my tiny world, my baby is growing up before my eyes and I'm not able to share her with family and friends. I feel alone. But Roelyn… Continue reading Roelyn Two-Month-Old Update

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Newborn Easter Basket Ideas

Roelyn is one month old and I had way too much fun putting together a little Easter basket for her! Read on for the links to the simple and cute goodies, all available on Amazon! Jesus Rose for Me Book, or this one: Easter is Coming! Both book options relay the reason for the season:… Continue reading Newborn Easter Basket Ideas

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Grandma Penelope Meets Roelyn Penelope

Before all this coronavirus craziness really began, we were lucky enough to have some special visitors! Matt's Grand Aunt Rebecca arranged for a sister trip to Virginia Beach for her and Matt's Grandma Penelope to meet our new baby. At the time the trip was booked, they didn't know the baby would be named after… Continue reading Grandma Penelope Meets Roelyn Penelope

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How I Achieved a Natural Birth (and You Can Too!)

When your 2.5 hour labor forces you to give birth in the car, it can be easy to assume that medical intervention was not an option. While this was entirely true (read my whole birth story here), there was actually a lot of work that went to preparing myself for a natural, med-free birth. I… Continue reading How I Achieved a Natural Birth (and You Can Too!)

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I Gave Birth in the Car: Baby Launstein is Here!

We were speeding through the tunnel when I reached between my legs and could feel the baby's head emerging. I literally grabbed the "oh shit" handle and Matt made it to the emergency room doors just in time for me to deliver the baby in the car in the parking lot. Before Labor I had… Continue reading I Gave Birth in the Car: Baby Launstein is Here!