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Post-Corona Quarantine Birthday Party

Now that restrictions are lifting in our state, we couldn’t wait to get together with all of our friends!! Cambri’s birthday is still two weeks away, but we’re heading to Michigan and wanted to see all of our friends before we left. Here’s the details of our Post-Corona Birthday Party!


At the entry, we made a cute chalkboard sign and hand sanitizer station.

We had light snacks inside since it was a 2pm party, and encouraged everyone to play in the backyard. On the back deck, we had another hand sanitizer station with sunblock and bug spray, too. We got the birthday balloon sign from Five Below.

No post-corona party is complete without Corona Beers (for the adults, of course). We set up a cooler with limes.


6 Feet Away: We were inspired by the TikTok Quarantine Olympics to do a tape measure game. Holding a tape measure upside down, you ask people to walk backwards until they think they are 6 feet away. Turn over the tape measure to see who gets the closest to 6 feet.

Toilet Paper Toss: so simple…just a basketball free-throw shot with a toilet paper roll.

Other ideas: we only had time for the two games above, but here were a couple of our other favorites. Wrap tp around two people and they have to walk a certain distance without tearing it. Two people place a tp roll between their knees and have to walk a certain distance, kind of like a three legged race. Roll out a length of tp and have every kid at the party grab ahold; then navigate around or maybe even do an obstacle course without tearing the tp.


Anyone who knows me knows my favorite part of the party is cake! Cambri requested a cake that tasted like cookies, so we used this Cookies and Milk recipe we found on Pinterest. We used Chips Ahoy cookies for decor and a #6 balloon we found at Five Below.

Party Favors

Party favors are most exciting when they are something you can actually use. Instead of super cheap trinkets, we opted for puzzles, which went perfect with our quarantine theme. I loved the variety of character ones we found at Five Below, and this also kept them at a great price point. We even attached lollipops to make it the ultimate favor!


Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to see all our Family Vlogs. Happy Birthday Cambri!

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