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50+ Birth Affirmations I Used Through Pregnancy + Childbirth

It was just another session with my counselor, and I had a break through. You see, my whole life I have struggled with the thought that I am not good enough. Something happened in my mid-20’s, though I’m not quite sure what it was, that changed that perspective. I realized I was good enough, and I didn’t need to live up to anyone else’s standard but my own. It was a riveting time in my life, something that has shaped my entire personality and changed my outlook completely.

But sitting in my counselor’s office, she had me working on a whole new type of exercise. She asked my to fill in the blanks “I am good enough because ________.” I thought in silence. I mean, I knew I was good enough but as silly as it sounds, I literally could not put it into words. She tried an “easier” example, “I know I am a good person because ______.” Still, silence…not just that I couldn’t say it aloud, but that I literally could not think it. In this moment I realized over the last five years or so I was able to shut out the negative thoughts, but that simply wasn’t good enough. I was sitting in silence when I should have been using positive self talk with myself, too. And as it relates to the natural birth I wanted, I couldn’t just think that I could do it, I need positive birth affirmations to make it happen.

You can find lots of good examples on Pinterest, but I have found a plethora of motivating quotes right out of all the books I have been reading in preparation for birth (see my book recommendations from 2019 here). The majority of these came from The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth. My best friend and fellow mama gifted me this book upon hearing about my pregnancy, and it is a must read. Each week of pregnancy, and even after childbirth, is broken down with lots of applicable information, natural advice, recipes, and each chapter has a birth affirmation. I found it best for me to journal these affirmations, and I brought them along with me to my birth of baby number 3! Although the whirlwind birth didn’t allow any time for me to read them (read about that here), the affirmations were something I used throughout pregnancy and my favorite ones I remembered during birth itself and helped to stay calm, cool and collected. Here you can find a list of these affirmations. I hope you find some that speak to you, too.

Birth Affirmations

  1. Your body is not a badly designed machine. The Creator is NOT a careless mechanic.
  2. My body is open and accepting of the new life within. Giving birth is a natural, normal experience. I am strong. I am able.
  3. My body is beautifully and wonderfully made. My body is strong and resilient. My body is more POWERFUL than I know.
  4. My body knows hot to grow this baby, and my body knows how to birth this baby. I walk with the billions of mamas who have birthed before me.
  5. I am safe. I am secure. I can navigate the unexpected if need be. I am prepared for whatever comes my way.
  6. I can hold peace and discomfort together with GRACE. What if ithe contractions aren’t pain, but POWER.
  7. My baby is healthy and well. Everything is going exactly as it should.
  8. I believe in the power of positive thinking. I let for go great. I am calm and confident.
  9. I am never alone. I am surrounded by people who love me. I feel the love they have for me and my baby. I am grateful.
  10. My pregnant body is miraculous and beautiful. I love being pregnant. I rejoice at the miracle of birth.
  11. I acknowledge my fears, but then I let them go. I focus on things that are good and gracious and life-giving.
  12. I am grateful for every surge of nausea, every twinge of discomfort, every moment of unease. I know that these sensations are nothing compared to the joy that awaits on the other side.
  13. I am so happy to have this baby.
  14. I trust the process of birth .I know I can do this. My baby is healthy and well.
  15. My body is a vessel for the divine. My body is a miracle.
  16. I know I can birth this baby naturally. I trust my instincts. I trust the wisdom of my body. I believe I can, and so I WILL!
  17. I choose to enjoy my childbirth. No matter how I’m feeling at any given moment, I choose to embrace the miracle.
  18. I stay active and strong. I love being i my pregnant body. I nourish my body, mind and spirit each day.
  19. In the stillness, I find my strength. My job is to breathe, relax and work with my body.
  20. I cherish my partner. Our baby is an expression of the love and the union we share. Together, we are bringing a new life into the world.
  21. Nature knows best, and given enough time, Nature will take it’s course
  22. Open. Surrender. Baby.
  23. I am going to get HUGE.
    Picture of Sheela-na-gig, an ancient European carving to represent fertility and loaned to laboring women.
  24. You are being so good to this baby.
  25. Pain is the body’s way of telling us to get in a different position.
  26. I am prepared and confident. My baby and I work together as a team. My body has everything it needs to birth my baby.
  27. My mind is at ease. I walk into birth with calm confidence, knowing I can handle whatever comes my way.
  28. My body was designed to do this. I trust the process and rhythm of birth. each contraction brings me closer to my baby.
  29. I love and accept myself completely. My body is amazing and working like never before. I am so grateful for today.
  30. I embrace the profound gift of motherhood. I am blessed by the awesome opportunity to raise a kind and compassionate citizen of the world.
  31. I am my own best advocate. I surround myself with supportive people. I make perfect decisions for myself and my baby.
  32. I envision a natural, peaceful birth. Pregnancy is not a medical condition. It is a beautiful, yet completely ordinary part of life.
  33. I am  held in the embrace of my creator, just as I hold my baby in my womb. I am loved.
  34. Most babies are born perfectly healthy. Most mamas deliver without significant complications. I embrace the unknot. It’s all part of the glorious design.
  35. I am giving birth to my baby and also to my mama heart. I am birthing a love that would go to the ends of the earth.
  36. My body is a miracle. I have confidence in my strong and capable body. I allow my body to do its job.
  37. Pain is our body’s way of saying something important is happening.
  38. Just like a race, push through the pain in your body to finish what you have started.
  39. Nothing is wrong. Something in my body is changing. This is just normal, transitional pain.
  40. My surges cannot be stronger than me because they ARE me.
  41. Many others have done this, so can I . I will be just fine. I can do this.
  42. My baby is in a great position for birth. My baby is part of me, and made to fit my body. My body will open and my baby will descend with ease.
  43. Don’t forget to smile!
  44. My body has everything it needs to nourish and feed my baby. My body is already preparing to breastfeed.
  45. The intensity of birth can’t be stronger than me because it is me. (slightly different wording than #40).
  46. I love and connect with my baby. I can birth this baby on my own terms. I trust my intuition.
  47. I focus on each breath to find comfort. Breath comes and goes. Peaks and Valleys. In and Out. Labor won’t last forever, but my love for my baby is everlasting.
  48. I handle everything beautifully. I welcome my baby with gratitude, joy and love.
  49. I know I will have the perfect birth for me. All is well, and I can trust my body, my baby and myself.
  50. I discipline my mind to focus on love. I breathe in and out, riding each contraction like a wave. I am enjoying each moment as it comes.
  51. My baby will be born at the perfect time. Instead of counting down the days, I count the moments of being present on this miraculous journey.
  52. Notice how much of your body isn’t in pain.
  53. Open. Yes. Baby. Out.
  54. Another mantra from my friend and new mama Sarah Daniels, Breathe in first word, exhale second word. In, out. Deep, slow. Calm, ease. Smile, release. Present, moment. Wonderful, moment.
  55. This is one of the moments for which God has created me
  56. This pregnancy is supernatural and I will have a testimony in the end
  57. When I look at my childbirth, I see what God sees
  58. Your body is functioning absolutely perfect. The baby is the one in charge.

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