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Grandmas get Baby Snuggles TIMES TWO!!

They may be the luckiest grandmas out there!!! When baby Madeline was born in May, she joined her big cousin Roelyn who is only 2.5 months older than her!! And we all live together: Matt, Amber, Cambri, Porter, Roelyn, Chloe and Madeline. Grandma Roxanne and Great Grandma Penelope Drive from Michigan to Virginia Beach to snuggle the two newest additions to the family, and we caught it all on tape!

Here’s the sweet recap on my channel:

If you’d prefer to view things from Cambri’s perspective, she posted two videos. The first features her meeting little Madeline. The second one captures Sunny’s Salon where Great Grandma Penelope hires Cambri to cut her hair.

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