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Roelyn Three-Month-Old Update

Roelyn is three months old and growing before our eyes!! Surprisingly, time during quarantine is flying by.

Family Favorites

Our favorite things about Roelyn this month:

Porter likes when she digs in his shirt.

Cambri likes when she smiles and laughs.

Mom’s favorite thing is talking with Roelyn and seeing her smile back. Even when we were at her doctor’s appointment and I was wearing a mask, she still knew when mama was smiling and smiled back.

Daddy loves watching her smile.

Health + Size

I just pulled all of Roelyn’s 3-6 month clothes down from the attic (lots of Cambri’s hand-me-downs). She is pretty tall and fills out all of her 3-6 month sleepers. She’s wearing size 2 diapers and still kicks off her size 2 shoes, so we don’t bother with those.

We finally had her two month well baby check up, which happened late due to COVID. She weighed 12 pounds and 13 ounces (68%ile) and was 2 feet tall (93%ile, although I think this measurement is a bit off due to their measuring methods). At the appointment, she also got her first set of vaccines.

Big Moments

Baby Cousin Madeline was born: This is extra special because Madeline will be living part-time at our house with her mama Chloe! Born on May 10, Roelyn and Madeline are only 2.5 months apart. We are so excited to have a cousin so close in age who also lives in Virginia Beach. These girls are going to grow up to be so close. ❤ Make sure you check out Cambri’s video where we all meet baby Madeline, it is TOO cute!

First Vaccinations: Roelyn got her first set of vaccinations. She got three shots in her legs and one oral vaccine: Dtap/HepB/Polio Combo shot, Hib (Haemophilus Influenza Type B), PCV13 (Pneumococcal disease), and Rotavirus. After much research, we decided this was best for her, although she did not get any vaccinations at birth. Roelyn did SO good! They give the shots SO fast, so although she cried, she had already stopped crying in between shots. And you know I was going to pick her up off the table as fast as I could…she had stopped crying before I even picked her up. No complications after, she just slept most of the day.

Mother’s Day: Dad took us strawberry picking. While Roelyn’s outfit was super cute, she was kind of fussy, so we ending up breastfeeding in the middle of the field.

The Grandmas Came to Visit: right after Madeline’s birth, Grandma Roxanne and Great Grandma Penelope came to visit for a week. We posted a video to YouTube to remember it!

Helpful Finds:

Snuggle Nest: so easy to lay her down anywhere, especially when we are playing outside.

Pacifiers: that sucking reflex is still strong! These pacifiers help get her to sleep after nursing without sucking my nipple raw!

Nuk Glass Bottles: now that I’ve been leaving the house a little more, these really come in handy for dad. Glass is better for the environment and for baby. The nipples on the Nuk Naturals bottles are perfect for breastfeeding babies because they are shaped like breast and nipple and they even have multiple holes just like mama’s nipples.

Activity Gym: baby girl is kicking around like crazy and starting to grab for things. It’s so nice to have these activity gyms for her to play with.

Beach Tent: this one is the best because I can set up and tear down easily by myself. It provides the perfect amount of shade, and the windows allow the perfect amount of sea breeze! It’s a must have for the beach and will last many years. Even I enjoy using it.

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