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Quarantine Project: Cambri’s Bedroom Redo!

A new hairdo, four lost teeth and a new YouTube channel, Cambri felt like it was time for a new room, too. I can’t blame the girl. Her old layout was cramped and not visually appealing. It wasn’t the type of room you just wanted to hang out in. To maximize the space, we got her a loft bed, and everything just took off from there! I’m linking as much as I can do you can recreate the look for your little lady, too! Now I think this is my favorite room in the house!


We got this secondhand and saved some money, but this Stuva Loft Bed is available from Ikea. She wanted a rainbow themed room, so we picked up some new bedding from Target and rehung her dream catchers. While driving her new bed home, the main focal point piece fell out of the truck a broke. We stained 1×4’s and secured them with wood glue and a nail gun. I actually like it better with the wood instead of all white! I found this “Land of Make Believe” sign at the Target dollar spot and it fit perfect with the wood back drop and even matched the pillow she picked out earlier in the week.

The original bed set comes with a desk, but the seller didn’t have it. It works for us because we created a major Barbie play area underneath the bed! Of course there is space for her DreamHouse and a “garage space” for her vehicles and camper. I love the shelving available to store her Barbie clothes, Dolls and accessories. I used my label maker to mark shelves and picked up some new storage bins from Target.

Another bonus of this bed is the additional closet space. We set it up with all her dress up. I attached command hooks to display her necklaces, too.

Vanity Space

We used mounting strips to hang her full length mirror. Then we added a small table to display her headbands and makeup/jewelry drawer. This space is right between her closet and dress up, so it is perfect for getting ready!!


I am an organization FREAK. We utilized two cubical shelves we already had for her closet. I ordered a couple new rainbow bins. Again, I used my label maker to make sure everything gets put in the right spot.

Other Additions

This dresser definitely needs replaced. We organized everything from the drawers into the cubical in her closet, so the drawers are actually empty and it is ready to go. We want to replace it with a desk, which will be more functional for this stage of life. Right now it displays her essential oil diffuser and salt lamp.

I rehung Cambri’s curtain rod at a better height and opted for 63” curtains instead of the long ones we had before. We also use light-blocking curtains in the bedrooms for better sleep. The shorter length will hopefully help with the kids pulling on the curtains. Her old curtain rod was literally bent from that, so we got a new one to replace that.

We got some little accessories from Ikea: white hamper, white trash can and white pot for the plant. The antler mount is actually from a deer hunted by my Great Grandma Azalia. We pre-ordered this inspirational canvas from Barn Owl Primitives and will add it above the hamper once it ships! And don’t forget about Alexa, I mean Amazon Echo, making dance parties easy!

Future Additions

As shared above, we want to replace the dresser with a desk and chair. I think a vanity light above the mirror would give much better lighting for getting ready. While shopping for bedding, we came across THE CUTEST unicorn bean bag chair at Target and it would fit perfectly by the window and plant. I think a large circle rug would really tie the whole space together. We even toyed with the idea of adding a light under the bed and hanging curtains to really create a Barbie get away. It’s a good thing Cambri’s birthday is coming up!

Before Pictures:

Be sure to subscribe to our new YouTube Channel, Cambri’s Adventures, to see her take on her new room in her video reveal!

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