Non-Traditional Family Video Songs

Have you seen our most recent Vlog? I am slightly obsessed with capturing special moments in our lives on tape (can you even really say that anymore) and putting them together in video blogs to remember forever. The hardest part for me is choosing background music. Sample tracks without words on iMovie work okay some of the time, but songs with lyrics really make the movie hit home! Here are some great options to include in your next family video, slideshow, vlog, whatever you want to call it:

Caught Up in the Country – Rodney Atkins – The perfect song for our Midwest Roots

Three Year Old- Eric Church – A super sweet tune about what a three-year-old can teach you

Good Life – OneRepublic – Up beat and good for a family travel slideshow

Breathe- Stick Figure – A catchy reggae song about being together for hillside to seas

Vanilla Twilight – Owl City – Perfect for the end of a video because it ends with “Oh Darling, I wish you were here”

Blue Skies – Willie Nelson – “Blue skies smilin’ at me, nothin’ but blue skies do I see”

Home – Phillip Phillips – I like this one so much that I’ve used it in multiple videos. It has a good tune and easy-going, pop-y feel.

Summertime – Bon Jovi – A more rock feel for your summertime video

These are my People- Johnny Cash – Originally a song about the injustice of Native Americans, this song works well for family videos about tradition.

Home Made – Jake Owen – I’ll definitely be using this for our next video when we head home to Michigan.

Sliver – Caspar Babypants – A Nirvana cover with a lighter feel, singing “Grandma Take Me Home!”

Times Like These – Jack Johnson – This artist is a favorite of mine for background music. His soft tunes have lyrics with meaning.

Today is going to be a Great Day – Bowling for Soup – Use this for your summer vacation video

 Baby Blue Eyes – Rocket to the Moon – A love song about a girl with baby blue eyes. I think this would be cute in a baby video

Memories -Maroon Five – It opens “Here’s to the Ones that we got!”

I get to Love You – Ruelle – This is a song about a child, so would work for baby, graduation, or birthday videos

This is our Time – WILD – Perfect combination of slow sentimental and upbeat can’t get enough.

Can’t Take my Eyes off You – Lauryn Hill – A trendy love song that would work for baby, “you’re just too good to be true, I can’t take my eyes off you”

Yellow – Coldplay – A slow song with a beat about a special someone. I used this for a baby video and even wrote some of the lyrics on a mirror for the nursery.

Safe and Sound – Matthew West – I used this one in Roelyn’s Baby Arrival Announcement Video

Just the Way you Are – Boyce Avenue – This cover version has a better feel than the original

Can’t Stand It – Never Say Never upbeat tune, “everything you do is super fucking cute” or the clean version “everything you do is super duper cute”

Living – Dierks Bentley – about enjoying the every day, simple, beautiful life

Forever Young – Alphaville – This sentimental classic shouldn’t be overlooked

You Are My Sunshine – Kina Grannis – Her whimsy voice makes this song extra beautiful.

Find a song you like? Share your video with me; I love seeing your family memories!

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