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Red Wing Park Family Hike

So you’ve walked before on the beautiful paved trail through the Japanese garden, but have you ever hiked the secret trail? At the back of the park behind a pavilion, you will find a dirt path into the trees and it’s definitely worth the adventure!

Trail Conditions

Date: Thursday, April 16, 2020, Time: 3:00pm, Weather: 60° F and overcast

The paved path is definitely a great place to run, but for today’s adventure we went into the woods along a dirt path. It had just rained, so it was a little muddy but not un-walkable. There is an entire marsh area behind the park that I did not know about. It is so serene.

Wildlife Spotted

There are lots of birds. Along the paved trail you will find many birdhouses and bat houses. We saw some dragonflies and butterflies as well!

Recommendations + Tips

This was such a fun escape. The kids enjoy playing in the trees right at the beginning of the trail, but we will be back when COVID-19 is over because BOTH the playgrounds here are awesome.

Get outside and enjoy your local parks this week!

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