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Hoffler Creek Wildlife Preserve Family Hike

We headed to Portsmouth for today’s family adventure and it was well worth it!

Trail Conditions

Location: 4510 Twin Pines Road, Portsmouth, Virginia 23703

Date: Friday, April 24, 2020 Time: Noon Weather: 75° and Partly Sunny

The trail was very well groomed and mostly dirt. Even though it had rained, it wasn’t muddy at all. There were some nice lookout areas, tree plaques on the Homestead Trail, benches, and well labeled paths. We hiked 1.3 miles in 43 minutes. Nice easy, flat hike.

Wildlife Spotted

At the very beginning of our trek, we spotted a box turtle right on the trail. On the logs at the edge of the lake, there were lots of turtles. There were tons of birds. Because turtles are my favorite animals, I really enjoyed this trail!

Tips + Recommendations

This was definitely a trail we would visit again. The main trail around the lake is very wide and well manicured. The lake itself was crystal clear. Off of Lake Ballard Trail, there are a couple of smaller paths. On this visit we checked out the Kid’s Trail, Homestead Trail and the Willett Bird Blind. The smells of flowers and nature on the trail were too good. This was definitely a great escape! We will go back to enjoy the Riparian and Bluebird Trails soon.

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