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Roelyn Two-Month-Old Update

I feel cheated. This postpartum journey is not at all what I imagined. No one in their worst dreams imagined the effects of Covid-19 across the world. In my tiny world, my baby is growing up before my eyes and I’m not able to share her with family and friends. I feel alone. But Roelyn gives me purpose everyday. She’s already smiling! With no one to help, I can steal ALL the snuggles. The big kids are forced to help, and they do such a good job. They love playing mom and dad with “their” baby. And albeit an inconsistent work schedule, Matt has been given more time off to be able to spend with our little family. The hardships are truly being met with beauty. Coronavirus cannot steal that happiness.

At two months old, Roelyn can’t do much, but we’ve been baby-wearing her on lots of walks and taking her outside as much as possible. We read to her (and the big kids) often and give her tummy time. Within the last week she has started moving around a lot more. I jokingly call it “her getting strong,” but really she just kicks like crazy in her swing, tries putting weight on her legs when we “stand” her up, and can push herself away from me when I am breastfeeding her.

Crib-sleep training is in full effect. She usually sleeps a good 5-6 hour stretch for the first half of the night and the rest of the night is unpredictable. I have been up at 2 am changing a poopy diaper after she hadn’t pooped in three days. I have been up at 3 am pumping while trying to get her to sleep in my lap. I have gotten up for the day at 4:30 am because she would not fall back asleep. On a good night, she easily falls back asleep in her crib after just a couple minutes of babbling. Overall, we are thankful she is a fairly easy baby, especially in this uneasy season of life.

Family Favorites

Our favorite things about Roelyn this month:

Porter says he likes being mean to her. 🙄Brothers…

Cambri says “It makes her feel good because she always wanted a sister and now we have her.”

Mom says that Roelyn really makes her feel needed, and that now our family feels complete.

Health + Size

Roelyn is currently wearing size 0-3 month clothes (newborn only fit her for like two weeks), size 1 diapers, and size 1 shoes fit her but she always kicks them off.

Roelyn’s 2 month checkup is delayed because of the coronavirus epidemic. We have no concerns regarding her health, but she was supposed to receive her first rounds of vaccines and that is now getting put off. With us staying home anyway, I’m not worried about her contracting anything, but now her entire vaccine schedule will be shifted. The little things you have to deal with as a new mom during COVID-19… by the way, my birth control appointment was also cancelled so let’s pray we don’t have another back-to-back pregnancy incident like we did with Cambri and Porter!

Big Moments

First Easter: although quarantined we celebrated Roelyn’s first Easter!! If you missed our vlog, check it out here.

First Smile: Sometime in this last month, Roelyn started smiling. And I’m not just talking about when she is pooping. Baby smiles when you look at her and when you talk with her and it just melts my heart.

Helpful Finds:

Pacifiers: this style pacifier fits baby’s mouth perfect. Sucking is a natural reflex for a baby and a pacifier does not harm the breastfeeding relationship. According to Dr. Sears in the Baby Sleep Book, sucking is one of the five S’s that helps put baby to sleep. We have definitely found this to be true. If she sucks on my breasts (which are SUPER full by the way these first couple of months) she just drinks too much a gets a stomach ache and spits up. I am able to nurse her to her content, then throw in the paci until she drifts off to sleep.

Pacifier Clips: the pacifier is no good if it gets lots, especially in the middle of the night. These ones are stylish and affordable.

4moms Mamaroo: We keep this downstairs as a great place to set baby down, especially after she has just fallen asleep. If she is awake, she likes to stare at the mobile. If she is drowsy or asleep, she prefers the “car ride” rock mode. Personally, I do not like the sounds of the rocker, but the swing modes are great!

Halo Bassinet: WOW this one is a dream. We keep this downstairs as a great place for baby to nap, but also a changing table. The pockets on either side are perfect for diapers and wipes. We do not use the light, vibration or sounds at all because she surely gets enough “white noise” from the kids playing in the background.

Nose Frida: Sucking your baby’s snot? It really is the best thing. It’s amazing how congested little ones can get, especially when we are spending time in the pollen outside. This paired with a little saline solution is SO satisfying for emptying out her little nose and hearing her breathe better.

Sleepy Wrap: Once we figured out how to tie this, it was a lifesaver! Baby is so used to mom’s womb, and it’s important to keep her as close to mom in the “fourth trimester” as she learns to navigate this new world outside the womb. The sleepy wrap swaddles her right to your body, almost instantly helping her fall asleep and helping you get stuff done around the house!

Swaddles: Dr. Sears also recommends swaddling as one of the 5 S’s for baby sleep. Not only do swaddles help keep baby content, they also make for cute pictures, help cover up when breastfeeding in public, and work well to cover baby in her car seat. Stretchy ones swaddle best, in my opinion.

Baby Delight Snuggle Nest: This portable, fold-out sleep option has been awesome! We use it when we are playing in the front yard, when we visit a friend’s house during nap time (which is all day at this stage), and even when we camped in the backyard. Essentially it is a portable bassinet so you can set baby down to sleep wherever you want!

Follow along and watch her grow on my Instagram @amberlaunstein.

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