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West Neck Creek Natural Area Family Hike

The coolest, closest, local hike. I had no idea this hidden gem was right down the road from us!

Trail Conditions

Location: 2249 N. Landing Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23456. Beware…Apple maps took us to the wrong location. The trail entrance is close to the intersection of Princess Anne Road at N. Landing Road right across from the Municipal Center. I marked the actual location in maps for future reference, and it came up as 2437 N. Landing Road.

Date: Thursday, April 9, 2020, Time: Noon, Weather: 80° F, Sunny

The trail was shaded the entire way. Footpath was paved with a bridge, and there is a Boy Scout trail we followed that was dirt and very muddy from the rain we have had. It was fun to spot the different trees and compare their bark and leaves. Specifically, we looked at Maple, Ash, Pine, and Oak. We hiked 1.1 miles in 36 minutes.

Wildlife Spotted

We saw the typical birds, tried to catch frogs in the creek, and spotted a beehive of some kind…possibly hornets?

Recommendations + Tips

This trail is close to our house, so we will definitely visit again. I can’t wait to go here for a run. Expect shoes to get dirty if you follow the Yellow Boy Scout Trail though!

Do you know of any other boy scout trails in Virginia Beach? We would like to check them out. Message me: alaunsteincpt@gmail.com

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