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Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge Family Hike

Quarantine will make me go crazy if I can’t get outside! The kids need some sort of physical outlet and I crave the fresh air. We have been checking out lots of local hiking opportunities not just for our fitness, but also as a living outdoor classroom. Yesterday we visited the Back Bay Wildlife Refuge and here are the details:

Trail Conditions

Location: Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Contact Station, 4005 Sandpiper Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Date: Tuesday, April 14, 2020, Time: 2 pm, Temperature: 60° F, sunny + windy

There are many trails here, but we chose a short scenic one: The Bay Trail. The trail itself was mostly gravel, dirt, boardwalk or bridges. Perfect for the kids; we walked about a mile in 35 minutes, although I forgot to start my Strava app so I am no completely sure on mileage and time. Do watch out for splinters. Cambri got one on the bridge and had a mini meltdown causing her to scream, cry and literally run away from us down the trail back towards the car. That was a scene, I am sure you can imagine. Don’t worry, we got most of the splinter out and, after a little pep talk, got back to walking.

Wildlife Spotted

With this being a wildlife refuge, I was a little disappointed because we did not see much wildlife. We saw a couple of birds (most notable a Blue Bunting), some turtles, lots of minnows and a butterfly. Despite the warnings, we did not see any cottonmouth snakes.

Recommendation + Tips

This was a great hike and we will definitely go back to check out the other trails. I hope to see more wildlife then. I’ve heard there are lots of swans there in the winter months!

Head out for a local hike to stay sane!

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