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Newborn Easter Basket Ideas

Roelyn is one month old and I had way too much fun putting together a little Easter basket for her! Read on for the links to the simple and cute goodies, all available on Amazon!

Jesus Rose for Me Book, or this one: Easter is Coming! Both book options relay the reason for the season: Jesus, and aren’t just a trendy rabbit or egg book.

Bunny Cup, I read somewhere that you can start a baby on a sippy cup as soon as 6 months and it will help the transition off of the bottle. It appears the bunny version I linked may be sold out already, but I’m totally digging the fox design, too!

Itzy Ritzy Pacifiers, this style is best for newborns and this set is gender neutral. My picture is missing the white one because a week before Easter, Roelyn lost the only paci we had so I had to break into our emergency stash.

Pacifier Clips, my picture is missing the grey clip due to aforementioned scenario. Every pacifier needs a cute clip so it doesn’t go missing like our old one.

Amber Teething Necklace , every baby needs an amber necklace. We had them for the first two and I swear they helped to reduce boogers and drooling, especially when teething started. I like this one because the beads are individually knotted for safety. You can also get an ankle bracelet version if you don’t like the idea of a necklace on your infant.

Bunny Boo-Boo Cube, we had one of these when I was little and they are the easiest and best way to “heal” any boo-boo. Even our big kids will use this to wash the tears away.

Crochet Bunny Teether Set, I am all about natural toys with my third baby. This wood and crochet option is WAY too cute to pass up, and comes at an affordable price.

Baby Sunglasses, this particular pair I picked up at Target, but I linked the heart style with a strap from Amazon that I just added to my wishlist!

I didn’t want to spend too much on an Easter Basket for a one month old who won’t even remember it. Here are some other options you can include if you need more ideas: Trendy Drool Bibs, Baby Sunscreen, Swimsuit, Wubbanub (the lamb or bunny would be perfect for Easter), Hair Bows, Bunny Socks, Bonnets, Shoes or Moccasins, Shaker Eggs, Wooden Eggs, Muslin Swaddles or Wood Rainbow Stacker. Happy Celebrating that our Savior is Risen!!

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