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Vitamins and Supplements: Good or Bad?

Did you know vitamins supplements are not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration? That’s a scary thought considering most of us take a multivitamin every single day. Check out this video from PBS’s Frontline show to learn A LOT about this up and coming industry:

The vitamins and supplements I took during pregnancy

Safety Tips

What’s the best way to handle the vitamins and minerals you want to take? Be conscious of what brands you are buying. Even though the FDA does not regulate product claims or ingredients, they do test facilities for things like cleanliness. You can find products that say “Facility FDA Inspected,” so look for that seal of approval. Products can also have a “Full Disclosure” promise, saying that everything in their product is listed on the label. When it comes to protein, I like NutraBio because the brand is transparent, respected, and the proteins actually taste good! There are other brands on the market that also have their facility inspected and are reputable.

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