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Chloe’s “Beards or Bows” Gender Reveal

“I took a test and I guess I’m pregnant.” You can imagine the surprise we had when Chloe shared this bit of information. I was already 3 months pregnant with our third baby that we planned. Chloe is my sister-in-law who lives with us, so you could probably say there is something in the water at our house! As a military family, pretty much all of our family lives back “home” in Michigan. Chloe has lived with us in Virginia Beach for about three years now, and it has been nice to have family SO close. How exciting is it that our babies will only be three months apart and live in the same town! They will be the cutest cousins. Here is another kicker…if you follow me at all, you know my husband’s name is Matt. You might not know that my sister is also married to a Matt. And best of all, Chloe’s boyfriend is named Matt, too! So being that Chloe and Matt M. are having their first baby, we had to celebrate with a gender reveal!


Matt rented out Beachside Social at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront: Two shuffleboard lanes and some great “bar food.” The servers were great and very accommodating. It was a very laid back atmosphere and we had more than enough space for all our activities. I would definitely recommend this venue!


Baby Name Suggestions: Chloe and Matt wanted all their friends to join in on the fun. Everyone suggested either boy or girl names, then Chloe and Matt picked their two favorites (one boy, one girl).

Chug the Baby Bottle: We filled baby bottles with either 2oz of beer or 2oz of apple juice (for the kids) and gathered everyone together. First person to finish wins! This can take too long if you have too much beer. We offered a variety of bottles so people could use a strategy to win (Dr. Browns vs generic bottle), and then (after washing of course), Chloe will have a variety of bottles for baby to try.

Guess How Many Cry Babies: Simplest game ever…fill a jar with Cry Babies Candies and have people guess how many. Closest person wins. My kids loved this because they could eat the cry babies afterwards!

Pin the Sperm on the Egg: I painted a lovely picture of a Uterus on poster board. I had Chloe place her “egg” in the uterus. Then we blindfolded players, spun them twice and had them place their “sperm” on the poster. Whoever was closest to “fertilizing the egg” won the prize.


As with any party, the details make it special. Chloe used her scrapbooking skills to put together a Baby Board.

Allysa and I crafted a glitter banner.

I made a personalized chalkboard with a spot for people to leave their guess.

Allysa made these adorable koozies for party favors.

Justin made the most delicious Strawberry Cake.

The BIG Reveal

We used an old door and some cardboard as a back board. Justin and Amy filled one balloon with cutup blue or pink paper and the rest were empty. Matt M. and Chloe threw darts and… You just gotta watch!

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