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Making Memories: The YES Challenge

If you have not been on YouTube lately, you might have missed the multiple “Yes Challenge” videos. My kids are obsessed, and after a week of a new bedtime routine and good behavior, we decided to partake. This day and age, it is especially important to make positive family memories with your kids, but we are not made of money like those fancy YouTube hosts. Here’s how our normal family made the yes challenge work for us!

  • What is it? Easy…your kids ask anything and you have to say yes. Massage my feet? YES. Eat some candy? YES. Five more minutes to play? YES.
  • Although YouTuber’s will “say” their challenge lasts 24 hours, it clearly doesn’t. For the Launstein Family version, we started when dad got home from work on Friday night until bedtime, about four hours total.
  • The one rule for us: you can only ask for something once. For instance, you want a toy? YES! But only one.
  • I may have also “fed” my kids some reasonably priced and fun ideas. All morning I hyped it up with Porter, suggesting $1 slurpees and picking some place for dinner. This way we were saying “yes” to things I already approved of…although this may be cheating on our part, I call it smart HAHA

Check out our video to see if we survived, and how the kids feel about doing a YES challenge for us next week 😉


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