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What’s on My Natural and Gender Neutral Baby Registry

Come February, our third baby will finally be here, and I still don’t know the gender! I want it to be a special surprise in the delivery room. However, not knowing the gender makes it really tough to shop for! Wouldn’t you know that most things you find in store are blue or pink, or white with bows, or grey with baseballs. I’ve put together this list that includes all the stuff we already have and loved for Cambri and Porter, and some new ideas because every baby is different and in the last four years, baby gear has come a long way. I hope you find some useful ideas for your own Natural and Neutral Nursery!


Bathing and Skin Care

Earth Mama Calming Lavender Baby Lotion – $10.88 – Lavender lotion after night-time bath (should) send baby into dream land!

Norwex Baby Shampoo and Wash – $19.99 – We should be very aware of the chemicals we expose our newborn’s delicate skin to. Choose an organic or all-natural baby wash, or skip it all together and just use the wipes below.

Angelcare Baby Bath Support – $19.99 – this is cute, functional, and the perfect size.

Norwex Hooded Towel– $39.99 – This towel is the perfect size, and uses microsilver to self purify so you can reuse it all week long.

Norwex Baby Body Cloths – $15.99 – Baby’s delicate skin will love that you can wash without soap. The microfiber picks up all dirt and grime from the surface. The cloths (like the towel) self purify so you can hang to dry and use all week long before washing again.

Puracy Organic Baby Lotion – $12.99 – baby’s skin is so sensitive, so only the best ingredients!


Parker Baby Swaddles – $31.95 – Cambri loved being swaddled; it was the only way she would sleep.

Knit Baby Blanket – $17.99 – Winter baby’s need a cozy blanket, right?! How cute it this!

Crib Sheets– $15.99/2 pack – I like plain white sheets to match any decor you choose.

Car Seats


Graco Contender 65 Convertible Car Seat – $140 – We use these currently for Cambri and Porter. They can be used forward and rear facing. The only downfall is they are large, so it won’t be possible to fit three of these in our Kia Sorento. However, I liked the large size when we had just two; it made it feel safer.

Parker Baby 4-in-1 Car Seat Cover – $21.95 – Especially because this baby is due in winter, I think a car seat cover is necessary. I love this one because it can be used as a nursing cover, too.

Baby Car Mirror – $12 – Most recommendations now encourage rear-facing your child until the age of two, however evidence points to rear face until the age of four when the spine is finally developed enough. Getting this baby mirror entertains the child at a young age, lets you “spy” on them mid-drive, and can be used even when you decided to forward face.

Nursery Decor

Cathedral Window Arches – $26.35 each – I am in love with this trend and will hang these with a wreath in the nursery.

Wooden Bead Mobile – $11.89 –  I choose wood because it is a more natural material for baby, but I also just love the farmhouse look/feel. You can also find my DIY version here.

Plant Stand andPot – $24.95 + $21.95 -Every nursery needs a plant to purify the air. I plan on getting a Fiddle-Leaf Fig type plant from Home Depot and planting in these pots.

Felt Letter Board – $20.85 – Great for making Instagram worthy posts!

Farmhouse Beaded Chandelier – $169 – It isn’t a must, but the right chandelier can really pull together a nursery.

Cube Storage Baskets – $34.99 – Need to have these! All this baby gear needs to be organized and stored somehow!

Blackout Curtains – $27.99 – Even the slightest bit of light (I mean even red alarm clocks) can stimulate our brains to stay awake. I am not taking chances with the third baby, I will need all the quality sleep I can get.

Himalayan Salt Lamp – $14.99 – so many benefits, but mostly purifying air and calming allergies

Sheepskin Style Rug – $33.99 – I love this furry look, although I am a little worried about cleaning it. I’m grabbing this cheap one off Amazon for a cozy feel.

Natural Wood Bead Garland – $14.99 – Natural wood decor for the win, Joanna!

Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier – $31.99 – Of course a natural nursery needs an essential oil diffuser. This one also doubles as a humidifier to keep dander and bacteria down.

Cotton Rope Baskets– $34 – in a nursery, you can never have enough baskets for organizing all the blankets, towels, clothes, shoes, burp cloths, toys, you get the picture. These baskets are stylish and functional!



Cloth Diaper Covers – $12.50 – We cloth diapered with both kids. We prefer the covers to the all in ones. I made most of ours to save even more money on diapers

Cloth Diaper Prefolds– $36.50 – I keep this pre-folded in the diapers in the dresser so they are ready to go. Gerber are not absorbent enough.

Honest Company Newborn Disposable Diapers – $10.95/32pk – Cloth (especially one size fits all) just do not fit newborns well, so we always have some of these on hand. Also, the first couple poops for baby will not be pleasant to clean off of cloth.

Cloth Wipes – $8.99 – These make the most sense if you are already cloth diapering. You can presoak in water (and essential oils, if you wish).

Wipe Warmer – $35.99 – For storing your cloth wipes and keeping them moist. You can often find a deal on these at garage sales or thrift stores!

Wet Bag– $12.89 – For cloth diapers, this is the easiest option for on-the-go changes. You could always use grocery or ziploc bags.

Changing Basket – $78.80 – I love this trend, but a basic changing pad would work, too.

Changing Pad Sheets – be sure to have at least three of these on hand! Diapering can be messy. Pure white can be easy to clean with bleach if necessary. I linked the ones for the traditional square pads but there are circle ones available if you get the changing basket.

Backpack Diaper Bag – $50 – Backpacks have become the new diaper bags because they are much more easy to manage and fit a lot more in them!

Itzy Ritzy Crossbody Diaper Bag – $80 – For running errands, this Chelsea DeBoer inspired small bag is so chic and functional!

Earth Mama Organic Diaper Balm – $10.39 – Diaper rashes with cloth diapers are almost a guarantee until you learn a routine. Have a good rash cream on hand, or simply use coconut oil.

Cloth Diaper Sprayer – $30 – We are definitely getting one of these this time around! It simply installs in with your toilet and makes cleaning off poopy diapers a breeze.

Dekor Diaper Pail + Liners (or cloth liner) – $29.99 + $11.95 ($17.95/2 pack cloth) – Diaper pail is a must. You can use the plastic liners, or we prefer a cloth liner x2 so we can just toss in the wash with the diapers.


You may notice I have not included a breast pump. We used a Medela with Cambri and Porter, but I have found that now most insurance companies cover a breast pump for mothers. Take advantage of this and get the best hospital grade pump available…they blow the best-from-the-store out of the water on efficiency and last up to five years.

Milkies Freeze – $25 – I’m all about organizing, and this system makes storing your breastmilk simple and neat.

Breastmilk Storage Bags – $14 – Of course you will need to stash milk, even if you don’t work. You never know when you will need a night out or even just two hours away. Also, you may consider donating your breastmilk to a local hospital.

Pacifiers – $7.69 –  Cambri HAD to have a paci, but we put it off with Porter and he never took one. If you do choose pacifiers, I like these that are stylish and BPA free.

Pacifier Clip – $12 – Must have so you don’t lose that binkie! It is especially helpful when you are out and about, or when baby spits it out in the car. This one comes with a sweet rainbow toy

Bottle Brush – $20 – Get these fancy ones from Norwex that self purify, or grab a cheap version from the Dollar Tree and toss it as it gets gross.

Burp Cloths – $23 – Babies spit up all the time, and unless you plan on bringing three changes of clothes for you and baby everywhere, you need to get burp cloths.

Wooden High Chair – $126 – High chairs have really stepped their game up in style! I prefer this wood one, but you can also find a cheap $20 and stylish highchair right at IKEA. And for thrifty mamas like me, I have seen wood high chairs go for as little as $20 right on Facebook Marketplace.

Lifefactory Glass Bottles – $30 – see ya, plastic! This time around we are only using glass or stainless steel bottles for environmental and chemical reasons. Glass bottles can be put right in the microwave, but I have read conflicting reviews about putting them in a bottle warmer.

Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Bottle – $34 – read above glass bottles. Stainless Steel cannot be put in the microwave, but once you heat your milk, it will stay warmer longer in stainless steel.

Nursery Furniture

Rocking Chair – $290 new-  I’m getting a super comfy one because I know, third time around, that I will spend lots of time sleeping in this chair.

Crib – $200 new – Duh! We like used furniture because of the reduced amount of VOC’s being emitted. But watch out for drop side cribs (all have been recalled) and poorly painted cribs by DIYers.

Cube Organizer Shelf – $70 – For organizing the closet and all this gear, DUH!

Dresser – Dressers are much more versatile than changing tables. I like ones with mirrors so baby can stare at themselves when getting changed…they love it for some reason. For less VOC’s (and money), we thrifted our dresser.

End Table – $40 – lots of time spent in your chair means you need a place to set down drinks, your phone, or a good book.

Organic Mattress – $176 – This is dream list, but really your baby spends a lot of time sleeping. It is worth the investment to make sure there are fewer chemicals in this habitat.


Mamaroo – $220 – With all the different rocking functions, this one is a winner for almost any baby. I only noticed that even at the fastest, it doesn’t rock as fast as our traditional swing that we used with Cambri.

Baby Joy Activity Walker – $60 – Maybe for when they are a bit older, but I like the sleek look and neutral colors.

Snuggle Me Organic Lounger – $156 – These seem to be all the rage, and mostly because you can use them in a variety of ways: changing, sleeping anywhere, setting baby down anywhere so you can get stuff done…the list goes on. You can also get covers.



Wooden Baby Monthly Milestone Cards – $20 – The monthly blankets are very overused, but mama still wants to document her baby’s monthly milestones. I like these wooden “cards.”

Little Blossoms Baby Memory Book – $20 – Life in the early years of parenting goes by fast and it can be hard to remember everything. This book makes it easy to keep track of milestones and preserve memories your child will cherish as they age

Baby Footprint Photo Frame – $20 – Keep track of those tiny tosses forever with this keepsake kit and frame

Health and Baby Care


Baby Thermometer – $25 – You will need this, and can use all the way through childhood. Prefer one that works on the head, although it isn’t as accurate, it is much easier to use.

Amber Teething Necklace – $18 – Some say this is a hoax, but we definitely noticed less boogers when the kids wore these.

NoseFrida – $15 – Getting one this time around! So much easier (and cleaner) than the traditional bulbs.


Johnson’s Safety Ear Swabs – $10 – I am a weirdo about ear wax, and use these almost daily. Also come in handy for eye boogers!

Home Air Purifier – $80 – All about pure air over here! This is the perfect size for a nursery and helps to remove allergens.

Organic Vitamin D Drops – $12 – If you are breastfeeding, baby will probably be prescribed Vitamin D drops. However, most have glucose in them and I am not a fan of feeding my newborn sugar on a daily basis.

For Moms


Herbal Afterbirth Sitzbath – $14 – oh yes, mama. Your under-carraige is going to feel raw. Soaking will feel so good, especially when it’s combined with herbs for optimal healing.

Disposable Breast Pads – $11 –  Reusable ones are great, but in my experience just don’t hold enough and I ended up leaking through when I was out and about. Have disposable ones on hand for when you venture out of the house.

Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter – $10 – Sore nipples will happen at least once in your breast feeding journey. Be sure to have some type of nipple butter on hand, or even coconut oil.



HABA Musical Eggs – $36 – These wooden eggs are perfect because they make noise, but aren’t too loud. And since they are made of wood, they are sustainable.

Amber Teething Toy – $17 – all the healing power of amber for teething now in a chewable, cute giraffe.

Promise Babe Wood Teething Toys – $18 – I am all about wood toys for this baby. Wood is sustainable and a safer choice than plastics. Plus, the natural colors mean it can double as nursery decor in cute baskets or on shelves.


RaZbaby Teether – $3.50 – This was Cambri’s favorite teething toy!

Melissa and Doug Wooden Blocks – currently on sale $48 – Love these stacking blocks that can be used by babies and toddlers. They would be super cute displayed in a basket

Wooden Mini Camera – $9 – So cute to display on a shelf, too!


Wooden Activity Gym and Toys – $50 or $22.86 – Get the gym, or DIY it like I did and then customize it with these cute toys

Wooden Stacking Toy – $28 – Cute and functional for developing those fine motor skills

Wooden Rainbow Stacker – $21 – Rainbows are super trendy right now, so this could easily be used as decor and a toy

For even more fun finds, including trendy gender neutral clothing options, check out my entire Amazon registry here.

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