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40 Gift Ideas for your Fitness Friend

Gifting for a fitness friend can be somewhat tricky. They already have a gym membership and usually prefer a certain type of shoe or workout gear. As a personal trainer, not only do I love working out, but I have worked with all kinds of gym “rats.” Here’s an unconventional list of gift ideas that are new, fun, and will score you big points!

  1. Hot yoga
  2. Massage
  3. Foam Roller
  4. Percussion recovery gun
  5. Men’s or women’s health magazine subscription
  6. Yoga mat
  7. Hello Fresh Subscription
  8. Lulu Lemon Gear (Check the “we made too much” section for deals, but only if you know your friend’s size since these are not returnable).
  9. Glass Tupperware for meal prepping
  10. Nice socks
  11. Decorative socks 
  12. Axe throwing experience 
  13. Booty building resistance bands
  14. Ropes course or Adventure park Tickets
  15. Epsom salt or bath soak
  16. Muscle rub
  17. Acupuncture mat
  18. Heating pad
  19. Reusable Food Snack Bags
  20. Air pods + case
  21. All natural deodorant
  22. Rock Climbing admission
  23. All natural soap
  24. Super absorbent towel (for people who like to sweat!)
  25. Protein Snacks
  26. Blender
  27. State Parks Yearly Pass
  28. Spike Ball
  29. The Worm Massage Roller
  30. Fabletics Leggings
  31. Barbella Box Subscription
  32. Juicer
  33. Vitamin packs
  34. FitBit or accessories
  35. Chiropractor visits
  36. Food sensitivity test
  37. Acupuncture appointment
  38. FitSnack Box Subscription
  39. Natural Deodorizer Bags (for those shoes or gym bag)
  40. Cryofreeze therapy Session

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