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Pregnancy Workout Plans Black Friday Sale

What fun is Black Friday without a good deal? I recently launched my First and Second Trimester Programs for pregnant clients… and it wasn’t enough. Since each pregnancy is different, I decided to offer a more flexible option. The Custom Pregnancy Plan now listed on my website is available at the same rate, but allows you to start the program wherever you are in your pregnancy. This means if you just found out you’re pregnant but aren’t ready for a fitness regiment until your first appointment, you can start then! If your morning sickness doesn’t go away until midway through your second trimester, you can sign up then!  And here’s the great news. Now through Cyber Monday (December 3), all three of my pregnancy programs are half off! Simply enter the code “IMPREGNANT” at checkout for this one time only deal!

My pregnancy programs are specifically designed for your needs in each week of pregnancy, because we all know each week can be so different from the rest. As a certified personal trainer and mom of two, I want to make women feel empowered, not hindered by their body. I have since earned a Pre- and Postnatal Exercise certification and am currently pregnant with my third baby…giving me the unique opportunity to experience the workouts with you along the way. Yes, that’s right, each workout has been personally vetted by me during this pregnancy. The plans include twice-a-week strength sessions, a cardio day, and biweekly health, nutrition or fitness tips to make this the best pregnancy yet. Unlike other programs out there, these workouts are delivered straight to your smart phone through my personal app. This allows you to keep track of your weights, watch demonstration videos at your finger tips, and gives you a direct line of communication with me. Workouts run smooth start to finish, and usually last 30-45 minutes. This is a deal you don’t want to miss. Normally the pregnancy plans ring up at $10 week and with this Black Friday Special, you can get them for only $5/week!

Head over to my personal training page to get the deal now. Half off all pregnancy programs when you use the code “IMPREGNANT” now through Cyber Monday, December 3!

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