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Second Trimester Workout Program: Pregnancy Weeks 13-26

Welcome to the “Golden Period!” Maybe your body is starting to feel healthier, you are getting more sleep, or you feel that burst of energy everyone is talking about. This is the second trimester. This program was created while I was in the midst of my third pregnancy, testing every workout just like I was working out beside you! We continue the strength we have built in the first trimester program, and then starting building muscular endurance for your hardest “marathon” yet: Labor.

second trimester


The program provides twice weekly strength training workouts, each 30-45 minutes long. As a certified trainer with a specialty in pre- and postnatal fitness, I specifically designed the workouts to include exercises favorable for baby to find a good position, alleviate back pain, and still strengthen the muscles needed for labor. I also provide biweekly pregnancy tips, ranging from ab workouts to blood building juice recipes. I include one good cardio session weekly to get that heart rate up and condition your heart. Workouts are delivered to you right through my app, which also serves as an open line of communication with me to vent any body annoyances or questions you might have. I am your personal trainer and want your body to feel empowered during this special season. The program is $140, only $10/week.

Through the tools in this program, you will keep your weight gain under control, keep your body functioning efficiently, and stay strong throughout your pregnancy so you can come back stronger than ever.

Sign up now by following this link to my Training Website.

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