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Pregnancy Workout Plans Black Friday Sale

What fun is Black Friday without a good deal? I recently launched my First and Second Trimester Programs for pregnant clients... and it wasn't enough. Since each pregnancy is different, I decided to offer a more flexible option. The Custom Pregnancy Plan now listed on my website is available at the same rate, but allows… Continue reading Pregnancy Workout Plans Black Friday Sale

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Second Trimester Workout Program: Pregnancy Weeks 13-26

Welcome to the "Golden Period!" Maybe your body is starting to feel healthier, you are getting more sleep, or you feel that burst of energy everyone is talking about. This is the second trimester. This program was created while I was in the midst of my third pregnancy, testing every workout just like I was… Continue reading Second Trimester Workout Program: Pregnancy Weeks 13-26

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Pregnancy Approved Cable Ab Exercises

Well into your second trimester, you may find it hard to incorporate abs. The good news is, you CAN still do abs, we just have to get creative. In fact, a strong core will help you in all those pushes you are anticipating during labor. A good pregnancy program will not simply ignore ab routines… Continue reading Pregnancy Approved Cable Ab Exercises

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2019 Holiday Bootcamp – 6-Week Program

Do you lack motivation during the holiday season? Let's be honest...we all do, even me. There are lots more family get togethers with calorie rich foods, countless events with open bars, and it seems like someone brings cookies to the office every week. It is easy to see that these temptations can wreak havoc on… Continue reading 2019 Holiday Bootcamp – 6-Week Program