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First Trimester Workout Program: Pregnancy Weeks 4-12

Congratulations, you are having a baby! But now you are researching everything from what not to eat, how your body will be changing, and finding out your first appointment with a doctor probably won’t even be until you are 8 weeks along! This stage of life comes with lots of excitement and lots of uncertainty. Let me take the uncertainty about your fitness off your hands! I created this program during my third pregnancy to help other moms feel empowered in their new bodies while safely maintaining a fitness routine and simultaneously growing a human.

Straight out of high school, I knew I wanted to inspire people to live healthy lives, so I pursued a degree in Exercise Science from Saginaw Valley State University. After college, I successfully complete the Personal Trainer certification with nationally accredited National Academy of Sports Medicine, which also requires continuing education courses every two years. When I was pregnant the second time around, I had a game plan, and was certified as a Pre- and Postnatal Exercise Specialist through ACE. I’ve combined this professional education with my hands-on knowledge, both of my own pregnancies and training pregnant clients, to create the best fitness routine for pregnancy out there! This program is more than just exercises to keep you fit. The workouts are specially designed to optimize your ever-changing body, keep your weight gain at a healthy level, help to grow your baby, and prepare your muscles for their hardest workout yet….Labor.

Can I Workout?

Yes! You might have heard that whatever you did before pregnancy is safe to continue during pregnancy, although that isn’t exactly how the cookie crumbles. Even if you didn’t work out before, there are some major benefits from developing a fitness routine that is safe. So YES, you can start working out even if you haven’t before pregnancy, because you are being guided by a knowledgable trainer. This program is designed to build strength through your first trimester, and start building muscles that you will need for an easier pregnancy and labor.

Why Fitness Benefits Both Mom and Baby

Now that we have established that yes, for most moms, working out is not just perfectly okay but actually recommended…Why? Here’s a simple list of benefits for mom:

  • Reduced Weight Gain and Fat Accumulation, helping your body to be more efficient and feel better throughout
  • Less Discomfort and Injury, lots of changes are happening to your body, but when you use your muscles as intended, you become more efficient and stronger
  • Shorter Labor, it’s true that labor can be like a marathon so it makes sense that women who train for it have easier, shorter and less complicated labors.
  • Lower rates of C-sections and Forceps delivery, in fact 75% decrease in need for these operative interventions
  • Better Mood and Optimism

And Benefits for Baby:

  • Decreased chance of premature labor
  • Decreased risk of delivering very small baby
  • Decreases fetal fat without hindering overall growth
  • Increase in placenta growth, maintaining functional capacity into late pregnancy
  • Improves baby’s ability to deal with stress
  • Tends to be more alert and easier to care for as baby transitions into the real world
  • Accelerates baby’s brain development
  • Born lean and stay lean, leading to lower risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases later in life

*Statements made based off the book “Exercising Through Your Pregnancy” by James F. Clapp, III, M.D. and Catherine Cram, M.S.

How Does the Online Program Work?

Once you purchase the online program, you will be emailed a link to download my fitness app on your phone. Workouts are delivered weekly, starting with your fourth week of pregnancy (assuming you didn’t know you were pregnant before then). There are two workouts weekly, with a “try this” fitness or nutrition related tip every other week. You also have unlimited access to me, asking me any questions about health throughout your pregnancy, as well as relaying how your body feels during the workouts. I can give you feedback and suggestions so you have a fit, comfortable pregnancy!

Sign Up Here:

Workouts start as early as 4 weeks of pregnancy, so you can start right now. Simply follow THIS LINK to get the app and your pregnancy workouts. I can’t wait to get you set up for success and be a part of this special journey in your life.

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