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Landmine + Bosu Circuit: 7/15/19 Workout of the Week

Coming straight off vacation, I needed to burn some calories. This circuit focuses on mostly upper body movements, while engaging core and working some power in the legs in the form of cardio bursts. Have you been on vacation, too? Don’t worry. This workout has three rounds of only 10 reps each, enough to get a burn but not make you feel sick.


Landmine Thruster: Start with bar in landmine, facing fulcrum. Hold bar at chest/shoulder level, starting in a squat. Explode from your hips, coming up on toes and extending bar overhead and leaning body slightly forward. This will get your heart rate up, build power in legs/glutes and even work those abs and shoulders, the ultimate all over body movement. Slowly lower bar back to chest and catch it in a squat.

Bosu Toe Taps: Set Bosu on ground in front of you with ball side up. Rest one foot on ball, keeping your weight in the foot on the ground. Quickly switch feet back and forth, keeping your core tight so you are only tapping the ball with your foot. If you notice you are kicking the ball across the floor, it is because you are letting all the power escape your legs and not resting your bodyweight on the back leg. Try to just tap the ball and really engage your core while working body balance and raising your heart rate.

Bosu Push Up: Set bosu on ground with flat side up. Grip ball on outer edges with hands directly under chest and body in plank position. Lower yourself towards the ball by bending your elbows outwards. Use those chest muscles to push your body back up. You can perform this on your knees, just maintain a straight body from knees to shoulders. This targets chest and triceps, all while engaging balance of your body.

Landmine Bent Over Row:  With bar in landmine mechanism, stand facing away from the fulcrum and both legs on left side of bar. Hinge forward at your hips with knees slight bent and back flat. Grab the bar with your right hand. Using your lats in your back, pull the bar up towards your chest keeping elbow close your body. Slowly lower back to starting position, completing all reps on one side before switching to the next. I do not want to see any twisting in the torso here. To keep a good position, I rest my left elbow on my left knee and the left hand on the right knee. This helps to keep your body stabilized.

Bosu Squat Squat Jump: Set bosu on ground with ball side up. Start to the side of the ball with right leg on ball and left leg on ground. Use a good squat position, although it will feel different to have one leg higher than the other (Chest upright, butt back, abs tight, knees over ankles). Perform one squat, then on the second do a quick switch, turning your body so your left foot ends up on the ball and the right foot on the ground. Make sure you land okay…you don’t want your feet too wide, so adjust as needed, then squat again. On the second squat, jump around again and return left leg back to the ball. It can be easy to lose good squat form with this one because of the jumping and instability. To help with this, be sure to slow down after ever switch and maintain knees directly over ankles with toes slightly pointed out. This will help to keep those knees stable so you can really focus on working those glutes, quads, and even hip adductor muscles.

Landmine Overhead Situp: With bar in landmine, start on the ground facing fulcrum. Grab bar with both hands and center over torso, bending knees slightly. Crunch up using your core while pushing the bar overhead. You may need to adjust your position based on how this first setup feels. You do not want your shoulders to be rotated behind your ears. You should feel this in your core and shoulders…but like your shoulders are working, not over rotating. Slowly lower yourself back down to your mat, keeping your abs tight so your torso doesn’t slam against the ground.

Landmine Straight Leg Deadlift: With bar in landmine, start standing up with feet together and facing fulcrum. Grip weighted bar with both hands, hinge at hips and lean forward with arms straight and bar moving towards ground. Your back should remain flat with chest up and butt pushing slightly backwards. You might need to adjust how close you stand to the bar to really feel the pull in the back of your legs. Squeeze your butt, and pull up with your back muscles as you stand back up tall.

Bosu Side Jumpovers: Start with ball on ground, ball side up. Step one foot on the ball and the other on the ground. Use quick jumping movements to jump back and forth laterally, keeping one foot only on the ball and tapping the other on the ground. Talk about a heart rate raiser!

Bosu Push Plank: Set bosu on ground with ball side up. Start in a plank position with hands on ball and back flat, keeping core tight. Slowly lower yourself one arm at a time to bent elbows on ball, then one arm at a time return to hands on ball. I try to alternate what arm leads each time. This shiftiness on a bosu ball really tests your core’s stability.

Check out the Workout Video Here:

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