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Turn on the Power: 6/10/19 Workout of the Week

Here’s a good sweat with some power movements that will make you feel like super woman! Perform 12 reps of each movement, five sets for each circuit.



Deadlifts: Set Up the bar with appropriate weights. Stand with feet about shoulder width apart and hands gripping the bar slightly wider than that. With knees bent, butt back and back flat, stand up tall. Squeeze your butt on the way up, engaging your glutes, hamstrings, and back. Return slowly.

Weighted Leg Lifts: Usually, I set the bar up in the squat rack. You can add weight if you are up for the challenge. Lift the bar off the rack and hold with straight arms directly over chest.  Using your lower abs, lift you legs straight up towards the bar. Lower and repeat movement. The bar adds more stability to this movement as your abs are working to lift the legs, but also maintain the bar in a balanced position.

Box Jumps: Set up a box of appropriate height. I promise you, you can jump higher than you think, so go ahead and try it. I usually start standing at the top of the box and jumping down to get a good sense of my body awareness for the jump. Simply use the power in your legs and maybe a little arm movement to jump up high and land on the box. You can jump back down or step down, whatever you are more comfortable with.

Power Clean: Start with bar on ground. Stand with feet about shoulder width apart, bend down with flat back to grab the bar with hands on the outside of the legs. Drive from your ankles to your knees, generating momentum from your hips to quickly swing the up, catching it against your shoulders with elbows sticking out underneath. Catch with knees slightly bent, then stand up tall and do a quick shoulder movement (kind of like reverse chicken wings) to return the bar to starting position. The movement is fast, it is a power exercise after all. You will feel this one all over including your core, but my shoulders are always sore after this exercise.

Good Mornings: You can perform this in the squat rack for easier access and the ability to add weights. Start with bar across upper back (just like a squat). Hinge forward at your hips to bend, keeping torso straight and keeping legs as straight as possible (tight hamstrings, anyone?). Hinge until your torso is parallel to the ground, then squeeze your spinal erectors (literally called erector spinea), booty, and hamstrings to stand up tall.

Box Side Jumpovers: Start standing in the middle of the box. Then jump the right leg off the side and onto the ground, feeling a slight stretch on your inner right thigh. Engage that left side to do a big jump back onto the box, doing a quick switch of your feet and touching your left foot to the ground. The box is harder than the bench because it is wider. This forces you to jump even more lateral with each jump, really engaging your hip adductors and hip abductors while getting your heart rate up.

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