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Our Love Story: Six+ Years Together In Pictures

Our Love Story 💘

My roommates boyfriend wanted to set me up with Matt. We official met in the tailgating parking lot and I instantly knew I would date him.

He lived in his grandma’s basement, didn’t have a license, didn’t have a job, and was a college drop out. But he was hot and we had the same birthday.

He was committed to go to Navy boot camp in the summer, so he didn’t want to start anything. I didn’t care, I knew what I wanted. We started dating a month later.

I brought him home to meet my family in December. My mom even let him sleep at our house (we were in different bedrooms of course).

We dated long distance for 2.5 years. I was in school in Michigan while he lived on the military base in San Diego.

My dad always told me I had to graduate college before I got married. And yes, Matt did ask my dad before he popped the question.

When I flew out for the Navy Ball in 2012, he proposed.

I graduated in May 2013 and We got married in June, after three years of dating.

Our honeymoon was driving from Michigan to San Diego (with a little pit stop in Denver) so we could finally live together.

We only lived together in San Diego for 6 months.

After only 4 months of marriage, we found out we were pregnant. Then it was off to Biloxi, Mississippi for his C-School.

In July 2014 we delivered our healthy, beautiful baby girl Cambri Joan Launstein.

When she was only 2 months old, we moved to Virginia Beach.

Oops, they did it again! Another surprise pregnancy.

Our joyful little boy, Porter Lee Launstein was born in September 2015, only 13 months younger than his sister.

We closed on our first home when he was only a month old.

And with two under two, we survived.

I was already getting baby fever, so Matt tamed it with a puppy. We named him Blue, since we are Michigan fans.

We managed not one…But two deployments.

And countless last-minute work trips.

But distance makes the heart grow fonder 🥰

And this is my fairytale.

To the man who makes all my dreams come true…Happy 6 Years of Marriage, Baby 💘

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