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555 Leg Circuit – 5/20/19 Workout of the Week

I was sweating so bad during this workout, you could see it in my shoes!! This is a spin on my favorite workout, the 10 to 1 circuit. Start with 10 reps of each exercise (or 20 for abs), then 9 of each, 8 of each, etc. Normally you would go all the way down to 1 of each exercises, or 2 for abs, but the last sets of 5 reps, 4 reps, 3 reps, 2 reps, and 1 rep get really tedious. In this workout I have combined those last 5 sets into 3 sets, so you are instead going from 10 reps each down to six reps each, then three sets of 5 reps. Make sense? Message me if you have any questions,

Once done with the first circuit, take some time to rest and then complete the second circuit. The idea is to get these done as fast as possible, focus on form during the 5-5-5 sets, and do this with minimal rest. Take the full 2 minutes rest between circuits to really regain your breath to be able to perform at your fullest.


Smith Machine Squat: I have seen squats performed facing different ways on the smith machine. The reason I am squatting this way, is it helps me to keep my core engaged, prevents be from sticking my butt out too far, and the line the smith machine follows at this angle really is more natural for a squatting movement. You can try it the other way, but you might find it feels a little weird and unbalanced. I set the bar up just below shoulder height. Walk you legs out in front of you, a little more than you would on a regular squat bar, but your feet are still about shoulder width apart. Using the smith machine for squats really helps to engage your quads. Squat down as you normally would. Your chest should remain upright, because that is good squat form and because the machine doesn’t really allow you to lean forward. On the smith machine, it is easy to let the machine do the work, but still focus on keeping your core engaged. Squeeze that booty as you stand up tall again. Adjust feet if necessary, knees should not be going past the toes.

Barbell Lunge Jumps: Use a barbell across your upper back. Lunge down like normal…Torso upright, both legs bent, knees not past toes. Then jump up, and do a quick foot change so the opposite leg is now in front. Land in a lunge. Continuously do the jump switches until all reps are complete. This really adds a power/cardio movement for your quads and butt, and your core is working to keep stabilized.

Bench Barbell Leg Lifts: Lay down on the bench with a barbell pressed straight up over the chest. Lower your legs to bench level, then use your lower abs to pull them back up towards the bar. The bench requires a little more stability to control your body and keep the barbell level.

Smith Machine Split Lunge: For this movement, I use the same position as I did for squat, again because it is the most natural for our body. Bar is still at shoulder height, just with lighter weights. Set a bench up behind the bar. It might seem like the bench is too far back, but I swear your legs are longer than you think. Kick the leg far back so the top of your foot is resting on the bench, then unrack your weights as you lunge down. Torso is up, back leg bends first, then front leg bends, and you make sure your front knee is not going past your toes. If it is, rack the weights and jump that front foot even farther ahead of your body. Wow this one killed me! Really hits that booty and those quads.

Barbell Squat Jax: Rest the barbell across your upper back. Squat down with chest up, butt back, core engaged, feet wide, hips opened and knees not going past toes. As you jump up, jump those legs in together and land with legs slightly bent. Then jump back out into those wide squats. This works power in your legs and butt, and even hits those adductors!

Bench Plate Ab Twist: Talk about core control! Start balancing your booty on a bench, with torso leaned slightly back (core engaged) and legs bent. Hold a plate at center, then twist the plate to your right, then left. The bench requires even more stability from your body, but as you are shifting the weight back and forth, you will feel how your abs tighten to control the movement. Your obliques are definitely active here, too!


Be sure to check out my YouTube Channel where I post Videos of the Workout of the Week every week!

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