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Squat Til You Drop: 4/22/19 Workout of the Week

Yessss!!! This workout is the perfect mix of heavy lifting and sweating. I have been craving a workout that would kick my ass, and if that’s you too, this is your workout! Enjoy!


Wide Squats: Start standing with feet much wider than hip width apart and a bar across your upper back. Toes can point out slightly. Perform a squat with chest up, butt moving backwards, abs staying tight, hips opening WAY up, knees following those toes outwards as they bend but do not go past the toes. Squeeze your butt on the way up to stand tall again and repeat. Just as a regular squat, this one works the glutes, hamstrings and quads, but adds in a little more targeted motion to the hip adductors.


Elevated Goblet Squat: Set a bumper plate on the ground to elevate your heels. I chose a high one to really change the angle. Hold the kettlebell at your chest with elbows underneath. Stand almost on your tip toes with heel on the bumper plate and feet narrow, just inside hip width. Squat down so your butt is over the plate, keep chest up, abs tight. The narrow and elevated stance really help you to hit your hamstrings more, but also engages your quads and glutes. 


Lunge/Lunge/Squat Jumps: This one really burns in your legs and gets your heart rate up. Start lunging with right foot in front and left foot in back. Good lunge form has the torso upright and front knee is NOT going past the toe. From this position, jump and switch legs as you come down into a second lunge with the right foot bent in front this time. From this position, jump up and your legs wide as you come into a squat. Chest should be up, butt back, abs tight, knees not going back toes. There should be three jumps (lunge jump to lunge jump to squat jump) for one rep. 


Narrow Squats: Same as a regular bar squat, just move your feet together so they are nearly touching. Bar should be in the sweet spot in your upper back. Keep abs tight as you lower your butt back and down. Keep your chest up. Your knees should move straight forward but never go past your toes. This really works your legs and butt, and hits the hamstrings a little more than regular squats.


Squat to Kettlebell Raise: Squat with good form: chest up, butt back, abs tight, hips open and knees not going past toes. Hold a kettlebell with both hands between your legs. As you stand up, slowly raise the kettlebell to shoulder height. This should really engage your core, so focus on tightening your abs as you raise the weight up.


Semi Circle Squat Jumps: Start in good squat form: chest up, butt back, knees pointing out and not going past toes. Press out of those thighs as you jump your body to face the left into another squat. Then jump back to center squat. Then jump to a right side facing squat jump. You should get four squat Jumps in for one rep.


Kettlebell/Box Split Lunge:Holding kettlebells in each hand, step one leg back onto box, maintaining balance. Front leg should be positioned way ahead of the bench. It will feel like a stretch, but when you lunge, that front knee should be positioned directly over the foot. If you are not starting wide enough, the knee will go past the toe and that position is not ideal for your body. Lower body slowly, really testing that balance. Drop the weights if you need to.


Weighted/Box V-Up: Start hold a kettlebell on your chest and balancing your butt on a box (or other surface). Extend legs out straight and lean torso slightly back as you maintain balance. Squeeze your abs tight as you bend your knees up towards the center of your body and your torso crunches up at the same time. This really challenges the abs.


Kardashian Jumps: One of my favorites for booty and taken right from an episode on the Kardashians with their trainer Gunnar Peterson (no shame). Start with one leg bent on the box and the other on the ground. Jump the grounded leg up and bent into the air, knee to chest, by pushing off the box leg. The box leg should be doing most of the work. Then bring the grounded leg back to the ground, rock weight off the box leg for a quick second, then repeat movement. I complete all reps on one side before moving to the next (balance).

Find the Exercises in Motion in this video from my YouTube Channel:

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