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My Dad Got a Cadillac for Easter: Our Easter Weekend Vlog

“Oh no, that is my favorite Cadillac!” My dad exclaimed. He had so generously given us a vehicle to use over the last few years. It was a 2004 Cadillac Deville with some 212,000 miles on it. He has two other Cadillac Devilles sitting at his house in Michigan that he had loaned to my sisters, Anna and Amy. To say he is obsessed with these cars might be an understatement. Actually, he is just so frugal he truly is obsessed with any good deal of a car he can pay cash for that might last him a year. That is probably how he accumulated 10 vehicles, and with all of us girls moved out, he owns that many vehicles just for him and mom. When he heard the news that the Cadillac down here in Virginia no longer worked and we did not want to put any more money into it, he might have cried, and then came up with a plan. He instantly booked one way tickets for him and mom over Easter Weekend. Then he called up my neighbor and paid thousands of dollars in parts alone to have it fixed up. And just like that, a month later they were on their way to visit their grandbabies and drive their favorite Cadillac home.

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