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Ball + Bridge Booty Circuit: 4/15/19 Workout of the Week

With summer approaching, I have been craving workouts that not just shape, but help burn some calories!!! I am loving circuits for that reason. The combination of multiple reps and cardio bursts really satisfies my need. I hope you enjoy this booty builder, too.


Dynamax Ball Slams: The traditional ball slam is a great one for getting that heart rate up. Start with legs slightly wider than hips and ball overhead. Slam it on the ground as hard as you can, the louder the better. Squat down as you pick it up. It does bounce a little, so do not let it hit you in the face. If you find it is rolling away, you are releasing too early. Aim for directly between your feet. After you catch it, raise it overhead and repeat movement.

Dynamax Ball Split Lunge: Set ball on ground. Step Left leg far ahead of the ball and reach right leg back so right foot is resting on the ball. You will know your left leg is in the right position when you lunge down and your left knee does NOT go past your left foot. As you lunge, maintain upright torso position. Try to lunge with control and low enough that your knee touches the ground. The ball gives the movement a little more of a stability component. Finish reps on left side before switching to right.

One Leg Glute Bridge: Lay down with upper back on the mat. Bend right leg and stick left leg straight up in the air. Use your core and butt to lift your hips and get the left leg as high up as you can. At the height of the movement, your  body should be a straight line from your right knee to right shoulder. Repeat all reps on left side then switch to right. This works core and booty.

Dynamax Ball Jumping Jax: Start standing tall with dynamax ball overhead. As you jump your feet wide like jumping jacks, drop your hands with the ball between your legs. As you jump your legs back together, raise the ball overhead. Even though this movement is a little slower than traditional jumping jacks, it still gets your heart rate up and works the shoulders and legs.

Dynamax Ball Overhead Lunges: Standing tall, hold the dynamax ball overhead. Step forward into a lunge, keeping abs tight so torso remains upright. Watch your front knee as you step forward, it should always be directly above that ankle, and never going past. Step back up with good posture. Then switch legs and lunge with the next. Repeat alternate legs until all reps are completed.

Glute Bridge Hip Abduction: Start laying on the mat with knees bent and upper back on the mat. Use your butt and abs to lift your hips so your body is a straight line from your knees to shoulders. Try to maintain this upward hold throughout the movement by keeping your abs tight. Extend your left leg straight out and low, open your hips slightly, and extend your leg like a windshield wiper away from your body. Repeat the in and out motion to really test your core stability and hip ab/adductors as they control the inward and outward moves. After all reps are completed, switch to the next side.

Dynamax Ball Squat Throws: Start in a good squat position: feet wide, booty back, torso up, and knees NOT going past your toes. Hold the dynamax ball underneath. Thrust your hips up in a very fast squatting motion. Just as you get to the top, use that momentum to throw the ball as high as you can. Gracefully catch it as you fall back into a deep squat position and repeat. This one really gets the heart rate up and encourages power development in your hips. 

Dynamax Ball Kneeling Wood Chopper: Start kneeling with one left leg in front of you. Knee should be stacked directly above ankle. Hold the dynamax ball overhead, slightly to your left. In a quick sideways crunch movement, slam the ball directly next to your right knee. Lean slightly forward as you do this to feel that crunch in your abdominal and oblique muscles. Quickly catch the ball and repeat all reps on this side before switching to the other.

Half Moon Leg Lifts: Start on all fours, hips directly over knees and shoulders directly over wrists. Keep your abs tight so your back is not arching. Straighten your right leg directly behind you in line with your body. Then, use your butt muscles to lift it up and wide. Let your hip open up as you reach that toe as far away from you as possible and tap the floor. Then return back to straight leg position. Repeat until all reps on right side are completed, then finish on the left side. 

Your body should empower you, not hold you back.

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