Bosu Body: 4/8/19 Workout of the Week

I’ve been craving a sweaty circuit that is challenging! That is why I love the Bosu Ball! “Bosu” stand for Both Sides Up because it can be used both ways.  Both sides challenge our body’s ability to stabilize, recruiting muscles from the entire body even during traditional “targeted” movements. I incorporate the Bosu here with movements that will hit your lower body, upper body and core, all with getting your heart rate up. Enjoy!


Bosu Squat Pulse Switches: Ball side up. Start squatting with one leg on the ball and one leg stable on the ground: butt back, chest up, and knees NOT going past your toes. Squat once, then twice, then quick switch your body in a semi-circle so the opposite leg is on the ball. Then repeat.

Bosu Twist and Push Up: Flat side up. Grip your hands on either side of the ball with your body in a plank position and feet wide. Try to keep your butt down so those abs stay engaged. Use your core and shoulder muscles to rotate the ball to your right, then your left. Return to starting position, then perform a push up by using your chest and tricep muscles to lower your chest to the ball and press back up to plank position. That is one rep, now repeat.

Bosu Ab Scissors: Ball side up. Balance your bum in the middle of the ball. Lean your torso slightly back with your arms on the back side of the ball to stabilize your body. Alternately lift straight legs up and down like scissors, really engaging that lower core while the rest of your body works to stay balanced in this position.

Bosu Lunge Jumps: Ball side up. Start with front foot on the ball in a lunge position. Knees should not be past toes, torso upright. Get a quick jump in as your switch your feet on the ball, coming back into lunge position. You will really feel some ankle stabilization on this one, but your legs are working in the jump and your core is working to keep that body upright and balanced.

Bosu Dips: Ball side up. Start with hands rotated back and wrists near the middle of the ball. Knees can be bent, but keep your booty off the ground. Slowly bend your elbows and lower your body towards the floor, then push right up with those triceps. You will also feel this in your chest. To make it harder, extend your legs straight out. To make it easier, bring your knees closer to your chest.

Bosu Side Plank Touches: Ball side up. Start in a side plank with right elbow bent and resting in the middle of the ball. Body should be in a straight line from right shoulder down to right ankle resting on the ground, no sagging hips! Then lift your left leg up in line with your body. Really crunch those abs as the left arm and left leg simultaneously reach up towards each other! After all reps are complete, switch to the opposite side.

Bosu Curtsy Lunges: Flat Side Up. Really test your balance by placing one foot in the middle of the ball. When you find your balance, reach the resting leg behind and across, tapping the floor. Then return to resting balancing position. Repeat all reps on one side before switching.

Bosu Shaky Squat Hold: Ball side Up. Practice a good squat on top of the ball. Hold it low with legs wide, chest up, butt back, core engaged, and knees NOT going past the toes. Then slightly rock from side to side so your core is really challenged here y the changing stability required. Yes, your legs will start burning, but we are looking for some abdominal action in this move!

Bosu Tuck Jumps: Flat Side Up. Hold ball on either side with body in a nice, flat plank position. Then jump your feet up to almost the outside of the ball. Jump them back to a flat plank. This really works a little power into the core, and your legs too!

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