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Africa Continent Box with Free 3-Part Card Printables

Here we go on our continual quest to learn about the world! This has been one of my favorite subjects to teach, mostly because I am learning so much about culture right along with my kids. Africa was where humanity all began, and so it was the next stop on our “tour.” I learned about the Pygmie people who live in the Congo Rainforest, and found many documentaries that inspired the learning about the people on this huge continent. Porter is obsessed with animals, especially monkeys, so that’s where a lot of our focus was this time around. Of course, I added in 3-part cards for Food, more Animals, Artwork, More Landmarks, and Famous People. Here you will find the list of free links I started with and free PDF files for everything I added. I hope it helps you to teach those young minds about the world that is out there! What’s in the Box?

Felt Africa and 3-Part Card, created from Imagine Our Life’s tutorial and PDF

Children of the World, from Teachers Pay Teachers and From ABCs to ACTs

Flags from the Countries, from Mr. Printables… then I glued on extra long toothpicks for use in a bulletin board.

Flag 3-Part Cards, from Every Star is Different. Subscribe to her newsletter for freebies, like the Africa Packet.

Landmark 3-Part Cards, from Totschooling

Animal 3-Part Cards, from Imagine Our Life. This is coupled with TOOB figurines, which my kids love to play with. For Africa, you will need three TOOBs as follows: Wild (Elephant, Giraffe, Lion, Zebra, Camel, Rhinoceros, Hippopotamus, Crocodile, Gorilla); Monkeys and Apes (Mandrill, Gorilla, Baboon, Lemur, Chimpanzee, Red Tail Monkey); Endangered Species-Land (Mountain Gorilla, Black Rhino, African Wild Dog) & one individual animal (Okapi).

TOOB figurines for animals (listed above) and landmarks (World Landmarks, Around the World). Order these from Amazon or catch them on sale at your local craft store!

Then I added…

African Cuisine, 3-Part Cards

Additional Animals 3-part cards to utilize the rest of the TOOB figurines

Famous Paintings, 3-Part Cards

Additional Landmark 3-Part Cards, manmade and natural based off of the Usborne Big Picture Atlas

Famous People, 3-Part Cards

You Should Add…

Souvenirs: It could be something from your travels, a friend’s, or maybe even a penpal. Include things like post cards, dolls, stickers, stamps, money, snacks, toys, small books, games, etc.

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