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That LuLu Burn!: 3/11/19 Workout of the Week

When you get new Lululemon Leggings (thanks Matt for the best birthday gift), you need to test them out!!  So of course I came up with a sweaty circuit utilizing the rope, a plate, and bodyweight. Try this simple workout to burn some calories and tighten that booty.


Three rounds of each circuit, then rest before moving on.


Rope Burpees: Start in plank position with rope on the ground on the outside of hands. Jump your feet in towards your hands, grab the ropes in each hand, jump up, slam the rope as hard as you can as you come back down, and finally put hands on ground and jump feet back into starting plank position. Try to hit the rope as hard as you can. This is guaranteed to get your heart rate up.

Weighted Split Lunge: Holding weights in each hand, step one leg back onto bench, maintaining balance. Front leg should be positioned way ahead of the bench. It will feel like a stretch, but when you lunge, that front knee should be positioned directly over the foot. If you are not starting wide enough, the knee will go past the toe and that position is not ideal for your body. Lower body slowly, really testing that balance. Drop the weights if you need to.

Sumo Squat on Toes: Step those legs out wide with toes pointed outwards. Step up onto those tip toes, then Squat slowly. To be spread out AND on tip toes is not natural for the body, so really focus on opening up those hips. Keep your chest upright, hips open, butt down, and let your knees follow your toes outwards.

Rope Squat Jumps: Start standing with a rope in each hand. Feet should be about hip width apart, toes pointed forward with knees following toes. Squat down with butt going back and chest remaining upright, power out of those thighs for a big jump, then slam the rope as hard as you can when you come back down. Repeat for a good power exercise in those legs and booty, all while raising your heart rate.

Weighted Glute Bridge: Using a bench, position yourself so you are laying with only your upper back on the bench. Place a weight on your quads/hips. Lower your butt, then push up with your butt, abs and quads so your body is in a straight line from your knees to your shoulders. This one really hits that booty, so squeeze those cheeks!

Curtsy Lunge with Raise: Start standing tall. Step leg back behind your body to the side. Lower that working leg into a lunge, being sure the knees follow the path of the toes. Then step up together before raising that same working leg straight the air targeting those hip abductors (or don’t stop in the middle for the ultimate balance test). Repeat all reps on one leg before doing the next side.

Rope Lunge: Start standing tall with rope in each hand. Step one leg back into a lunge, knees over toes and chest upright. As that leg goes back, slam the ropes on either side of the front bent leg. Repeat, alternating legs until all reps are complete. Of course this hits the legs and quads, but requires some balance and gets the heart working.

Kettlebell Step Up to Knee Drive: Stand in front of your bench, holding kettlebell by your left shoulder with palm facing up and elbow up. Step Left leg up onto bench, then drive right leg bent up into the air. Return right leg to the ground, then left leg. Repeat movement on the same leg until reps are finished, then switch sides. Start without weights if needed, because this one really works balance.

Kettlebell Side Bends: One of my favorites! Stand tall with kettlebell in one hand on the side of your body. Bend sideways, really working the obliques on the opposite side of the kettlebell. You are almost crunching against the weight of the kettlebell. Anyone can stand here all day bending back and forth, but really focus on engaging that core, even leaning slightly forward if you need to. Complete reps on one side, then the next.

Check out this video from my workout…definitely sweating! And just so you know, no sweat marks on my lulu’s (of course), so they passed the test!

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