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The Grandmas Take Virginia Beach

Life in the military is not always easy. One of the hardest parts of Military Life is living so far away from family. Our kids grow up knowing their family only because we are constantly calling, Face-timing, watching home videos or sharing their pictures decorated around the house. We are very lucky that our family makes it a priority to travel and see us! That could be one benefit…our family gets to visit different parts of the country when they visit us. This time around, the Grandmas came to Virginia Beach. Matt’s mom Roxanne and Grandma Penelope, after a long plane delay, finally arrived for us to show them around town. Besides capturing special moments between the Grandmas and their grand babies (or great-grandbabies), we also lost Porter at the Chrysler Art Museum, taste-tested some ice cream in the Waterside District, got some REALLY GOOD massages, played a lot of board games, celebrated my 28th and Matt’s 31st birthdays (the same day),  swam with the Fox’s, made Unicorn Cupcakes in ice cream cones, said “See Ya Later” to our best friends at Back Bay Brewing Farmhouse, went to Church, made it to the Beach even though it was 40 and raining, got a date night, had Grandma whiskey tasting, almost lost our Grandma Roxy in the foam pit at the Trampoline Park, and tried to convince the kids that they could NOT actually ride in their Grandma’s suitcases on the plane to Michigan. Of course, in true family-memory-creating fashion, I recorded all these moments so we would have them forever. After creating the video montage, I was truly reminiscing on how great the relationship can be between a Grandma and her Grandchildren. It is very special and indescribable, and I LOVE watching it develop between my children and their Grandmas. I hope you enjoy our Vlog featuring Grandma Roxy and Great-Grandma Penelope!

Here are the Time Stamps for some of the highlights:

2:59 Chrysler Museum of Art

5:15 Waterside District

6:47 Opening our Birthday Gifts from the Kids

9:55 The Fox’s Goodbye Party at Back Bay Brewing Farmhouse

12:06 Our Birthday (Starbucks, Church, Beach, Lululemon, Whiskey Tasting)

17:07 Sky Zone Trampoline Park

19:26 Airport Drop Off

20:13 A Tribute to all the Strong Women in our Family Tree


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