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Light Cardio, Calves + Abs: 3/4/19 Workout of the Week

It’s test week for my clients, so the workout of the week is a little light. Rower intervals paired with some cable ab exercises and body weight leg movements. If you are not testing this week, you should push the rower intervals as fast as you can!!


Rower: some will refer to this one as the Urg. I set the resistance fan to ten, hit the top left button, and then just Row. With an overhand grip on the bar, push back using your legs, lean slightly back to engage the core, the pull bar up to chest with elbows glaring out. Recoil with knees bent and arms loose, then repeat motion again. Most of the power should come from your legs.

Cable Bar Ab Twist: stand parallel with cable bar, straight bar attached and cable pulley at ab height. Stand in athletic position with legs hip width apart and knees soft. Alternate grip bar so it is going up and down. With arms straight, Turn from your abs away form the cable. You should not be working the shoulder, just holding arms right, and exaggerating the rotation of the torso.

Calf Raise Three Ways: stand with knees soft, not locked. For step one, toes point as far out as possible, then lift into a tippy toe position. Step two, turn your toes in and stand on tippy toes. This position is hard to maintain, so adjust as needed. Finally, stand with toes pointing straight ahead for a regular calf Raise.

Incline Leg Lifts: Adjust the Bench so your shoulders are higher than your bottom. Lay on bench with legs hanging off and arms gripping handle Overhead. Really hit those lower abs as you raise your legs straight up and control them on the way back down.

Side Lunge to Curtsy Lunge: here’s a fun two in one! Start with legs in a wide v position. Shift weight into your right leg as it bends (keep right knee directly over ankle with foot pointing forward) and your butt moves back. Left leg comes straight so you feel a little stretch on the inner thigh. Push out of your right leg to come to legs together standing position (regain balance). Then move right leg back behind as you squat into a Curtsy position. Check the video to see this move in action. Stopping in the middle to regain balance is optional. You can also hold a bar or the wall to help with balance if needed.

Machine Standing Calf Raise: our gym has this handy machine. Adjust weight and stand squatted with shoulders on pads and only the front of your feet on the platform. It is important not to lock knees out, but keep them soft. Raise onto your tip toes, then relax heel down to rest and repeat. This is calf isolation at its best!

Jumping Jacks: a classic move to get heart rate up and hit those calves. Start standing with legs together and hands at side. As you jump your legs out into a v, the arms swing up together Overhead. Repeat.

Wondering more about test week? I can work it into your own personal workout program.

Click “Training Plans” above to chat with me and figure out the best workouts for you.

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