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Europe Continent Box with Free 3-Part Card Printables

I am not going to lie….I am probably having more fun with these continent boxes than my kids!! Seriously, I am learning so much about the world that I was just so oblivious too. Like did you know there is an unexplainable Crooked Forest in Poland? Or that Russia is so big it is actually part of TWO continents? Do you know who the First Lady of Science is?

Maybe it is silly to some, but for me, teaching my kids (and myself) about the cultures of different parts of the world is so important (and intriguing). I want my kids to love. Not just say they love everyone, but actually LOVE people for their differences. Exposing them to different foods, religions, nationalities, customs, and people seems to be the right way to teach that.

While at the library, we found a LOT of books about Europe, so we are jumping right in. I already had a continent box made up. We utilize a felt map made from Stephanie’s pattern on Imagine Our Life and a globe we found at the thrift store. Puzzles and atlases are another great way to give your kids an idea of the continent they are “studying.”

What’s in the Box?

Continent 3-Part Cards from Imagine Our Life.

Animal 3-Part Cards from Imagine Our Life, coupled with TOOB animals. There are four Toobs needed as follows: Nature (Grey Wolf, Red Deer, Beaver, Fox, Bison, Raccoon, and Moose); River (Mallard, Common Frog, Beaver, River Otter); Arctic (Harp Seal); & Pets (Hedgehog, Ferret, Corgi, Flop-Eared Rabbit). There are also individual animals needed: Badger, Brown Bear, Red Squirrel)

Children of the world printable, from Teachers Pay Teachers and From ABSs to ACTs.

Flags of the countries, from Mr. Printables.

Landmark 3-Part Cards and TOOB figurines: Big Ben, Arch of Triumph, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Eiffel Tower, Parthenon, Colliseum, Stonehenge

and then I added:

(I used Imagine Our Life DIY 3-Part Card Template to start)

Even More Landmarks, 3-Part Cards, both natural and man-made, inspired from the Usborne Big Picture Atlas

Even More Animals, 3-Part Cards, this expands on the version linked above, so those animals were not included

Famous People from Europe, 3-Part Cards

Famous Paintings from European Artists, 3-Part Cards. I also love this version from Every Star Is Different where you can match the artist to the painting.

European Cuisine, 3-Part Cards

You Should Add..

You should add any money or souvenirs you may have from travels. Unfortunately, the only other country I have been to is Canada, so we do not have any extra frills. You may know someone who has been to Europe, lives there, or you can become a penpal with someone from there and be able to include anything they may be willing to share.

I hope you are able to use these free printables to teach love in your home, too! Follow us on Instagram @AmberLaunstein to see more of our daily activities.


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