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Tabata Body: 2/18/19 Workout of the Week

I love a good Tabata workout to get me sweating! What exactly is tabata? It is a style of workout made popular around the time of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Basically, the idea is to give it your all (high intensity) for a short period of time, then get some rest so you can give it your all again! Tabata format is usually 20 seconds of hard work, followed by 10 seconds of complete rest, performing the same movement for 8 sets, or 4 minutes. You can download a basic timer app on your phone to make this transition easier, or if you are my client, the in-app workout has a timer feature already set up!


Complete 8 rounds of each movement. Alternate Kardashian jumps (so right, then left for a total of four round each leg) and Kettlebell/Body weight Deadlift jumps (so weighted, then bodyweight for a total of four rounds each movement). I was sweating sooooo much at the end of this workout, so it is a good idea to have a full water bottle ready to go. Also, because of the time concept of the workout, it works well to set up your own little area with all the modalities needed: two small kettlebells, bench, box, stability ball, large kettlebell, and ab mat.


Side Lunge with Kettlebell Hammer Curl: Start standing with Feet wide in a v position and holding a kettlebell in each hand. For the lunge, Shift your weight to one side of the body, bending that leg with knee directly over the ankle and booty going back. The opposite leg should shift into a straight position. As you bend the knee into the lunge, grip the kettlebells so your palms are facing each other and curl up. As you come up to the standing v position, let the your arms fall straight with kettlebells between your legs. Repeat movement, alternating sides.

Bench Side Jumpovers: Stand laterally next to a bench. Step up with one foot, then do a quick switch of your feet as you hop the starting leg over the bench and onto the opposite side. Now start with the other leg, jumping it up onto the bench and then a quick switch to over, going laterally back and forth until all reps are completed. You can slow this down into a step-up movement as needed.

Kardashian Jumps: One of my favorites for booty and taken right from an episode on the Kardashians with their trainer Gunnar Peterson (no shame). Start with one leg bent on the box and the other on the ground. Jump the grounded leg up and bent into the air, knee to chest, by pushing off the box leg. The box leg should be doing most of the work. Then bring the grounded leg back to the ground, rock weight off the box leg for a quick second, then repeat movement. Complete a 20 second work set on one leg, then alternate with the other side, getting four round of each. 

Stability Ball Knee Tucks: Standing behind ball, put your knees into the ball, bend torso over ball with hands on ground, and walk hands out until you are in a straight body plank form with shins resting ball. Stabilizing with your arms and core, tuck your knees under your torso, bringing them to your chest. Rest back into plank position, then repeat movement.

Kettlebell and Bodyweight Deadlift Jump: Alternate this movement, kettlebell for the first set, then bodyweight for the next and so on until all set are completed. For the first movement, step your feet wide and drop your hips with knees pointing out, gripping the kettlebell overhand between legs. Just jump up, being careful not to slam the weight into the ground on your way back down. The second, bodyweight movement is the same jump, just without a weight. It’s basically a squat jump, but since you don’t have weight, try to explode even higher!

Stability Ball Plank: With elbows bent on the ball and directly under shoulders, step feet back so your body is in a straight line. Be careful not to over- or under-arch your back. Hips should be tucked so the abs remain engaged.

Scissor Kicks: Laying on your back, support your lower back by putting your hands under your butt. Alternately raise your straight legs up and down, looking like scissors cutting. You should really feel this in your lower abs and hip flexors.

Are you sweating now?! Find the movement video here:

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