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North America Continent Box with Free 3-Part Card Printables

I wanted to expose my kids to the world, different cultures, and teach them about the continents. What I didn’t expect is how much I would get into it! Over everything, I want to teach my kids to love and appreciate people for who they are. When I decided to stay at home with them, I knew teaching culture would be a big part of the “curriculum.” I use that word lightly, because I am not a teacher nor do I follow a strict plan. Our daily lessons are based off of their interests or things I want to learn and talk about. But I am a nut about organization and super interested in different parts of the world, so when I found this DIY felt map on the Imagine Our Life Blog, it started an obsession in me. Now, I have created these “continent boxes” utilizing a bunch of free resources online. I have gathered all the links here so you can share the knowledge and teach the love to your kids, too.

Culture is more than just animals and geography, though. So I have compiled a HUGE list of 3-Part cards that encompasses every part of culture that my toddlers might be interested in. In Montessori, you are supposed to start with the country the child lives in, so here we go…

What’s in the Box?

Felt North America and 3-Part Card, created from Imagine Our Life’s tutorial and PDF

Children of the World, from Teachers Pay Teachers and From ABCs to ACTs

Flags from the Countries, from Mr. Printables… then I glued on extra long toothpicks for use in a bulletin board.

Flag & Map of Country 3-Part Cards & Matching Game, from Every Star is Different

Landmark 3-Part Cards, from Totschooling

Animal 3-Part Cards, from Imagine Our Life 

Artists and their Works 3-Part Cards &  Matching Game, from Every Star is Different

TOOB figurines of animals and landmarks (Arctic, Dolphins and Whales, River, Rainforest, World Landmarks, Around the World). Order these from Amazon or catch them on sale at your local craft store!

Then I added…

North American Cuisine 3-Part Cards

Additional North America Animal 3-Part cards to utilize the rest of the TOOB figurines

Additional North America Paintings 3-Part Cards

Additional North America Landmark 3-Part Cards, manmade and natural based off of the Usborne Big Picture Atlas

Famous People from North America 3-Part Cards

You Should Add…

Souvenirs: It could be something from your travels, a friend’s, or maybe even a penpal. Include things like post cards, dolls, stickers, stamps, money, snacks, toys, small books, games, etc.

I hope you are able to utilize these free tools to create your dream classroom right in your own home!

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