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Row, Abs, Plate: 1/21/19 Workout of the Week

Every so often, I crave a workout that just makes me sweat my ass off. This one targets you entire body with just the rower, a bench and a plate. Easy to set up so you’re ready to work! Enjoy this workout on your holiday.


Row 500m: Strap yourself into the rower so the strap crosses over the first knuckle of your big toe (my setting is 3). Dial the fan up to 10. Now you are ready to row. A lot of the force should come from your legs, so push those legs back to a nearly straight line. Simultaneously, lean your torso slightly back so your abdominal muscles engage. Also, with an overhand grip, pull the bar up to your chest with elbows flailing out. Return to the recoiled position and repeat movement smoothly. The longer your pull, the more meters you will get per “stroke.”

Butterfly Crunches: lay on your mat with legs in a butterfly stretch position. Sit your torso up by crunching your abdominal muscles. Let your arms follow through, reaching for the ground right in front of your legs.

Kneeling Pushups: start in the up position, knees and hands on the floor. Your abs should be tight so your body is in a straight position from your knees to your shoulders. Bend your elbows and lower your chest towards the floor. Push up using your chest and triceps, being sure to maintain that straight body position.

Bench/Plate Glute Bridge: with a weighted plate on your quads, lay so only your upper back is on the edge of a bench. Knees and feet should be about hip width apart. Lower your butt, then squeeze back up using your abs, butt and hip flexors. Body should pause for just a second as the knees, hips and shoulders become even.

Bench/Plate Leg Lifts: lay on your bench holding the plate directly above chest. Really test your core stabilization by bringing your legs up towards the plate.

Plate Swings: standing, Grip a plate in two places. Start in a squatted position with plate between legs. Thrust your hips upwards in a fast motion so you are standing tall again. Repeat motion. When you are squatting, hips should open so your knees point outwards.

Plate Side Bends: stand with good posture with plate on one side. Bend sideways, really hitting your obliques. Remember, the side the weight is on is just stabilizing. The “working” side will be opposite the weight. It helps some of my clients to lean slightly forward. Anyone can bend side to side all day, but you need to consciously engage your side core.

Check out the Video on my YouTube Channel:

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